spring comes 昨日の暴風雨から一変 カーテンから射し込む光 窓を開ければ 雲ひとつない空が広がっていて インコを放って トーストの焦げる匂いが心地よい 今日は午前中から用事があって 喫茶店へ向かう足取りも軽い 事はすぐに終わって 店内にかかるセンスの良い音楽と マスターとの雑談に大笑いをして 昨晩メモした 買い物と郵便局 帰り道の海は波が高くて 平日なのにサーファーがいっぱい 大きなお腹を重そうに 浜の野良猫が横切っていく 無事産まれて育つといいなって しばらく堤防に腰かけて テトラポットに弾ける波と それに乗る人たちを眺める Springと検索して出てくる曲を かたっぱしからヘッドホンに流して そろそろ冷えてきたなと 部屋への帰り道を急ぐまでずっと     spring comes A complete change from yesterday's storm light shining through the curtains If you open the window The sky without a single cloud is spreading out release the parakeet The smell of burning toast is pleasant I have something to do this morning. The steps towards the coffee shop are light. Things will be over soon The taste and good music inside the store I laughed out loud at the joke with the master. I wrote it down last night shopping and post office On the way home, the waves were high at the sea. Lots of surfers even though it's a weekday My big belly feels heavy A stray cat on the beach crosses I hope it's born safely and grows up safely. I sat on the embankment for a while. Waves playing in the tetrapod look at the people riding it Search for Spring and find the songs Play it from Katapashi to your headphones I think it's getting cold soon Until I hurried my way back to my room.