• 1990.07.01
  • 6:05


(feat. Tanya Herron) [Z-Ro:] My hand grabs the wheel, and foot mashes the pedal Block to block corner to corner, looking at the devil Making my brothers think, they got nine lives They was so gangsta, until Lucifer got 'em caught up in a drive by Lil' kids, witness father and uncles pass on Then they grow up, to get they blast on Everybody saying, that the black community is out control Even in the suburbs, brains get blown They blame rap, for the murder rate But people go to the movies, and see murder for seven dollars then they imitate What they done seen, on Terminator 1 through 3 Swarchengger's the Governor, we get L-I-F-E Innocent victims, get a free ride to the grave People that work hard get robbed, for every penny they save It's like it ain't gon ever change, this world we live in cold I hit my Hypnotic, then I continue to roll [Hook x2: Tanya Herron] La-la-la-la-la-la-la, as we con-tinue to roll [Z-Ro:] Can't even ride, through the hood no mo' Without police pulling us over, looking for ounces of do' Just cause I'm black, and got diamonds on my gold teeth Ain't enough evidence, to say I sold a quarter ki But even still, that's the way it is And the main reason homes are broken, and baby mamas shed tears And have to raise, they kids one deep In and out of relationships, looking for a man so people pardon creeps But what I see, is just a soul trying to survive The main reason why d-boys, hustle with twenties and dimes Lil' mama I feel your pain, trying to get ahead Don't let that be the reason, with 24 hour open legs I know life, is hard nosed Will we ever get our forty acres and our mule, only God knows Ain't no love seem like it ain't gon ever change, this world we live in is cold Hit my gin and juice, and then I continue to roll [Hook x2] [Z-Ro:] Ain't no love in the sex no mo', I see Bloods killing Bloods And cuz killing cuz, I remember when it was La familia, when we threw the sign But brothers don't keep it gangsta, when brothers be doing time I ain't lying That's why everybody, be on they own Talking to they partna baby mama, on they mobile phone Hood ain't hood, it don't matter where you living Somebody from your hood, will try to make you take their place in prison Ask my partna Griffin, why they be snitching and telling Watching your pocket getting jealous, cause they mail ain't swelling Before you know it you a felon, waiting on a release Thinking revenge, cause a friend got you took off the streets And then they wonder, why I roll solo When I'm in the hood, don't consider Z-Ro as your homie no mo' Let Ro go loc seem like it ain't gon ever change, this world we live in is cold Hit my Mississippi Mud, and continue to roll [Hook x4]


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Spandau Ballet