Soul Flower(Remix)

Track byThe Pharcyde

  • 1992.01.01
  • 4:23


Eee ah ooh ah ah (many times) People hint and wonder and they wanna know how and why But let me first introduce myself I'm tagging name romye I'm 20 years of age I ran across some bullshit People promise you bowl of cherries but don't forget there are pits No hints, it's quicks, it's like the water and grits They got another boy who can rhyme and do the fly flips And that's I high I better get by because my ally About to flip that crazy shit while I go look for some thai I need some zig-zag, zig-zag (3x) I need some zig-zag, zig-zag How I need those zig-zag (i need some) zig-zag, zig-zag How I love to get high Eee ah ooh ah ah (many times) What the? Oh what the heck Niggas just wanna get wrecked to the track It's brand new and heavy as a chevy and in fact The pharcyde is coming and I hope we're not wack But at this point there's no turning back But to be exact, I've got more flavors than a bucket full of fruit In 92 we take cash 93 we take loot Because the vinyl is delicious=20 I'm the nigga who's got bitches Michael ross is the genie he's giving our wishes One I wanna just jam with your band Two two two...=20 You gotta play it all across the land Three three three... The plan is grab the ducats and say f**k it to the critics hey now I was walkin' down the street balin'(? ) to the beat Phat beats in my head tennis shoes on my feet Nigga tried to flex but he had to be smoked So I shot him in the ass on the downstroke Shot him in the ass on the downstroke What? Shot him in the ass on the downstroke Yep Shot him in the ass on the downstroke (5x) Shot-him-in-the-ass-on-the-downs troke Souped on the beat like a bowl of chicken noodles I love spanish dishes but no I'm not menudo I can dig kung-fu I flip hoes like judo Never date a chick who has a mom named bruno A anna bonanna(? ) bananafanafuno Yet you know shafino=20 Met her in a trio Souped up my (glass) jet flew her at the wheel I'm somewhat creole=20 Don't like the man of steel I'm not your carbon copy but your first rap (jalopy) for real I used to deal but the fuzz popped me I had the hydros but they repo'd my crops and steel I chills like scotch on the rocks=20 'cause I just gets paid for them hard-core props You know? How long can you freak the funk? (2x) I separate the good stuff from the junk How long can you freak the funk Yeah, freak the funk All right, freak the funk Freak the funk (4x) I want the farmer man. farmer man. I want the farmer man. you want the farmer man? Yeah, I want the farmer man. you don't want no farmer man. Give me the farmer man. once again it's the farmer man. I go from skip-skop(? ) to hip-hop to be-bop to p-funk Cutting enough bullshit to turn a tree into a tree trunk 'cause we've sunk ships from the pacific to the atlantic I dig dips who've got the hips that are gigantic 'cause I'm frantic Take you in a frenzy=20 Takin' you out is easier than pullin' a pull-out out of a benzie Box well I rocks the orthodox styles to make you squirm Yes I come from callie no I do not have a perm I stand firm on the mic device when I gets nice Don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price I got more flavor than 7-11 slurpees If magic can admit he got aids, f**k it--i got herpes Ah shit. Ns, ns Sounds like ns to me! Eee ah ooh ah ah (many times)


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