Thugz Mansion(2Pac Original/Acoustic)

Track by2Pac

  • 2016.01.06
  • 4:12


I ain't got no mutherfucking friends That's way fuck yo bitch fat mutherfucker (take money) Kazside Pumboy killers (take money) you know who A.P.A. is (take money) we fucked you (take money) First we fuck your bitch and suck my dick This is A.P.A chick and Mafia Gangs You tray to be a A.P.A leed but we fucked your ass We bust on pumboy asiels fucked for live Plus you traying to see P.A. weak fuck we se Puma smals and beste vrienden sucks as bitches They are traying, hope is coming to be a gang We haven't gunning bu we stil killing on the fools, you knouw the rules Little Gazret you traing to be a mafia gang Cuz you shut up and living piece, so fuck this Your mother's fucking around with asiels Qiuck she sucks dicks of PapianAlsady's, so this are reals We let the fuckers know It's on for life So let the Kazside ride tonight haha Pum Boy, Best friend with the rest we killed So fuck your fam and get ya caps peeled, You know see Be afraid when you see M.A.F.I.A Take your gunns when you see A.P.A uhh What you say, we break ya neck to the finish Check out, M.A.F.I.A's gonna make you finish A.P.A. We Hit Em Up Check this out, you motherfuckers know what A.P.A. is You don't even know why we on this track You freaks you sucks with the biggest level I let my thigz killing you Bitch made ass, Pumboy bitches Get out the way yo, get out the way yo The M.A.F.I.A. gang's are coming up, so Little Pum take your friend and sting it in your ass A.P.A.'s need to know the right of this Little french bitch murder, we gonna hate you 4-ever Why would you fuck us, You know we are A.P.A. We spann you die, you're just a french bitcha R u still happy, cause we gonna make it reserve Daddy do you know what we want, we want fuck your dauther And our junior mafia make your science off It's good for you famili sucks our P.A. dicks P.A. Hit Em Up Be afraid when you see M.A.F.I.A Take your gunns when you see A.P.A uhh What you say, we break ya neck to the finish Check out, M.A.F.I.A's gonna make you finish A.P.A. We Hit Em Up Sady how we do it, keep this bitch far way of us this bitch wants to fuck, with all MAFIA gangs, You know I'm talk about DIE She's trying to henpecked us, come on guys, We late her see our big dicks Thug membs wanted learned to die But this bitch muthafacka you deserve to die I'm talkin bout LIAN, but its funny to me P.A. hate her ways pussy, whould you fuckin with me We are P.A. milionairs Thug membs out ghetto, banana in yours ass, haha Mady remember when we sayd dont't try couch us You're only old bitch, and want fucking with us, ahh Now its all about you and Lil bitch LIAN 2 vibrate pinch good in yours small asses Now I tell you, P.A. is always right We still the THUG you love to hate Muthafucka, We hit em up We are from M.A.F.I.A. thugz, but P.A. is still on the occur No chanse to be higher, cause bring fear in all you hearts knock out is what you get yo, Little Gazret P.A. aren't G's en we never have peace Don't say please cuz it work not in our area Dark bitch have you sucked up or fucked up Get ya big ass and fuck off, what the fuck? Is you stupid ?!?! you suck for money, so you cros ya roads and fucked up We do not smooking. and we did not schoot ya in the back With 15 gangs wil we kick you out P.A. and mafia are moving to a anothre note And you can't stop us cause you're murderd and traped Fuck you all you bestfriend G's and the another minic's Sucka, bitch fucker, a P.A. slet is her DIE We told you in the face, you'rnt a shit but a sucker If you shut your mond it wil be better You must wish ta have a mafia leeda P.A. thugz wil blow ya scene We are not fakers, we like a knock, with little Gazret in ya hand hold Fickie make, this isnot a mutherfucking joke Gheto thugz, you betta be knowin, we told you, you are in And the worldwide know it, we can chicks taking No need for a little punk bitch,that sucks, so get lost Soon wil P.A. use a bitch si fuck off mafia kick her ass Now you tell me who won We see them they run They don't wanna see us They are traying to be a mob when we always be th mob We are gheto thugz, so why you tray to be like us. Oh yeah kut turk you wanna fuck with us You little turk ass mutherbitcher No one of you asiels has a shit of something You fuck with us asiels but ya muther is fucking around If you don't stop you wil get a big attack You better back to your land before you back with fuck off That's how we do it in kazside Any freak of ya that wil be death and fucked, so fucked But we ain't fucked,, we gonna kil ya So fuck you and your mutherfucking mama We gonna finish you all you mutherfuckers When we came we told it it's about pumie Then started all the ass hole g's with the opinion So this is how P.A. gonna do it Fuck darkbitch Fuck DIE Fuck pumboy and his best friends that he crew And if you wanna down with his nick name pumaso Fuck you to Turk ass, fuck you too All you mutherfuckers fuck you too All you mutherfuckers, you wil be cold mutherfuckers Our mafia make sure that all ya fam's gonna suck You mutherbitchers wish te be us or like us We are gheto thugz gangs of kazside so soon you wil die! Out here in Kazerna wil we blow you all you mutherfuckers Well that's the real kazside You think you are mob, you ain't a mutherfucking mob Chust some suckers and the real asiels All you mutherfuckers can't be like us And all you are chust a pice of shit for ya life (take money) You asiels better stop minic us like A mutherfucking Gears, you know what we mean When we ingore someone they feel it But you asiels can't feel it We the realest, Fuck them, we pumboy killin