Microphone Master

Track byDas EFX

  • 1970.01.01
  • 4:32


Verse 1: Dray I iggity am what I am I comes to get biz so bust the jam I might not be the man but y'all I still proceed to slam, I cram to understand why these rappers try to faze me They must be crazy messin with the Books and Drayzie Big-up to Jersey and my people's out in el-a Well-a hell-a can never cut the swell-a Cos you can tell I gets biz like Markie No matter what the weather son you never wanna spark me I'm kickin rhymes and gettin mines on the regular See me in the black Benz just blowin up the cellular We high as shit, the sky is it You know the sewer style yo is fly as shit So grip (what?), you're cheap and buried cos you're never comin near it So fear it when you hear it, cheer it but don't compare it I still be schoolin, foolin em when I'm speakin Kids be heapin, they love the way that we be freakin My sewer style it cause disaster so when I ask you better answer who's the microphone master Hook (x4): Miggity microphone master, super rhyme maker Verse 2: Skoob Well yo, here's the humdinger, I'm briggity bringin a new style of thing It's a rap singer with a fat flow, so low and behold I higgity hold his mic piece for ransom It's all about expanses, stocks of skunks, props and my pops get a mansion By the age of 16, had dreams of big screens Mad rubbers to keep my dick clean Chrome tools in rent and I only go downtown to buy jewels and tints Jaboll, Guess, ol' Gold and sess I check the mic 2-1 and chew gum to ease the breath My style is wild like the Cats of Villanova The heat on the street'll keep my 40's spillin over So the skunk and thai keep me high when I'm smokin And I don't sleep, just take naps with one eye open See I believe the beaded weed in me is feedin me the inspi-ration to riggity rock the nation from white folk to Haitian, ???? Jamaican Burn MC's like degrees of Mason because you're fakin I'm on point, exclamation with the caper The flavor misbehaver from the super dooper rhyme maker Hook (x4) Verse 3: Skoob, Dray I got to give a siggity shout to my mans, my fans at the shows friends, foes, stiggity stunts and hoes Drats! I'm friggin to ride the fat, ooh shit! My crew is shake, rattle and roll thick Thicker than your blunt cos yo I be's the Brooklyn trooper and I got more spunk than that punk from Punky Brewster Bust the lingo Ringo stiggity Starr bingo I run shit like Kunta, breaks bones like Mandingo I'm starstruck like starbuck, the bad bro is mad though I'm all that small cat like Tomko or Hasbo I have no figgity fear yeah, it's me and mines Masters of the microphone, makers of the super rhymes Yo, well yo the shit sound clever, I'm clown for whatever like nuttin nice Big-up to DJ Dice wreckin shop when he cut 'n' slice These 20 MC's, please! I never heard of some We need to murder some like Colin Ferguson But now ya heard us from the under so feel the thunder Ya best ta come clean like J-Rule and *?Felix Sunder?* I'm buggin like gristle, see I suggest you dismiss you, my style's official and that's the issue I show the flow I go until it's time to leave Believe I'm packin more rhymes up my sleeve Hook to fade


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