Body Ah feat. Lil' Bo Beep

  • 1998.01.01
  • 4:24


feat/Lil' Bo Peep 1 - Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Ooh, there's something sexy About the way that dress is wearing you tonight You've got my attention, girl, I'm hard as steel Cuz you're looking right Your hair, your nails, your toes Girl you've got me knocking at your door Ain't no secret you know that I'm here for your body Repeat 1 Girl I'd be lying If I said you weren't turning me on The way you work it girl I wish it could last all night long Cuz you got it going on Look what you done started Girl you know I want it 2 - If you want it, you got it Come get it from me I've got what you want If you want my body Just try it, you'll like it Come on boy and see It's my body... my body Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 2 (Lil' Bo Peep) Who be the Wicked Fly Ass with the sex appeal Tightly emerged as I swerve brothas Be trying to cop feels Low hills as I be posten up Flossin' my shhh GoGo stunters trying to run a Road flip on my kits All in my splits movin' the hips Got them wide open Hopin' they the puff in the blunts Keep smokin' I'm knowing that my naughty classy Like that Skin tight light bright And you're the daddy Mac No smack of mines over split See the milk don't lie It does a body good Good make you say my, my But you've been peepin' since the last Weekend so why now Infatauated by my steelo the way I get down Now is the time if you want better Get up on it Curves so superb bottle glass exponent I'm wanting it like the Gulfas Troopas Pooper Scooper Army fatigues trying to dig up in My Cuba give me Repeat 1 Repeat 1 and 2 until fade


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