The Biz (Original Mix)

Track bytwoloud

  • 2015.01.16
  • 3:39


[Intro] Yeah To all my smokers and my hundred blunt rollers No no no no I'm talkin bout Real tokers who ain't never ever sober Hahaha Yo, yo, yo, yo Check me out now. Check me out now Go head then [Verse 1] Allow me to introduce myself again Bob's out the office but Bobby Ray is in Please leave a message wait, let me get a pen I don't really need it cause I spit it off the lid And every time I come around I look like I'm a pimp Really that's the dip because the ? is on my hip They love me cause I tell 'em what they really wanna hear Slap her on that booty with a hundred dollar bill WHAT!? Nah I'm just playin' man sometimes I kid Just so that my job doesn't get monotonous Crumble up the bud, put it in a spliff Put it in the air like I'm levitating shit They say, "Bob how you feel about the fame?" Really ain't famous till Obama know my name The game's in a drought It was going down the drain When I come around man its prolly gon' rain (so what's you sayin'?) Maybe I'm just sayin' I can switch up the flow How you can't feel me when I'm rocking this show? Going over seas to a whole 'nother coast Come back get a sack full of that like whoa Yeah I can take you way back like +Whoa+ So listen two me rap sit back like whoa And every time I rip they be like, "That's dope" Yeah that's dope Nitro like colt, my flow lets go Haha Haha (What you be done?) Yeah (Is that it?) Hell naw, we ain't done (Let's do it) Need to get round two in [Verse Two] Oh oh oh Well the biz, the biz I'm in the music biz I really couldn't tell you what the main objective is Cause really that depends On if you got a hit or just a good song that they never ever spin And then that depends on the genre that you in If you're a rock artist or a hip hop blend That's where I come in They try to box me in But I am not a square nor a parallelogram Yes I got several fans through Japan to Maryland They try to shoot me down but I never ever land And no man could never ever walk in my pants Or live what I've lived Or be what I am Damn I don't give a damn All up in this booth try to lay this shit down Yeah, so let me turn it down We all around it;s a mixtape now Stay tuned for more And don't turn the dial Bloaw

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