Nickel Bags(Remastered)

  • 2005.01.01
  • 3:23


[Ladybug] The Bloom, the Swoon, the Sugars on your block The Planets land in flesh in the corners of New York The ghetto, the meadow, the Mr. Butter flew The Honeybugs dug and licked the honey dew The sun, the kiss, the funk for a bliss The lips with the soul and some jazz for ya hips The puff, the buzz, the lids be heavy slick The Mecca get a rush when the beats be very thick The hands, the feet, the brown baby treat The femmes fumble loose and drink the doodlejuice The steps, the flams, the Planets goddamn The peoples get a grip with a tape from a jam {all together} A nickel bag of funk (x8) [Butterfly] The big, the fat, the cool cool cats The psychedelic soul puts the Planets on the map The chic, the love, the far out name The lack of the funk's the main why we came The boogie gets done, the colors won't run The funk hits the square, the kids gotta come The pizza with the pop, the west 4th stop The crew after crew that do the grasshop The true cool is black, the new school is fat The beats by the ounce, the funk by the pack The hanging off the butts with the fat sole kicks {all together} A nickel bag of funk (x8) [Doodlebug] The wide, the hip, dig it it's the trip The loops, the scene and the funkifying it The sounds, the pounds, the stacks, the flair The baggy baggy jeans, the notty notty hair The twinkle in the eye, the kids that livin' fly The crew from the sky, the stuff that gets you high The action, the work from the rhyme We goes the whole nine The papers won't rot, the vapors get got The streets give the buzz the funk up your block The opium groove, the smacked out soul The kickin' it live the fat gotta roll {all together} A nickel bag of funk (x8) A nickel bag, a nickel bag Ladybug'll hit ya with a nickel bag A nickel bag, a nickel bag Butterfly'll hit ya with a nickel bag A nickel bag, a nickel bag Doodlebug'll hit ya with his nickel bag A nickel bag, a nickel bag DPs always hit you with they nickel bag (Grazie a simone per questo testo)