可愛いいひとよ~The Hustel~That's The Way(I Like It)~Back Stabbers~Funky Stuff~Jungle Boogie~

  • 2008.06.25
  • 4:46


[Intro] [Hook: Ka] Born in the jungle, out the womb running Better move youngin', predators is soon coming Aggressive measures for the ones alive The issue is no nipple for the undersized Thrive for wealth, ignore the pastor Full of cruddy should've studied I Self Lord And Master [Verse 1: Ka] To calm hungry, mom Sunday would worship hard She knew her offspring thing was serve or starve Crime ignite, mind ain't right, surface scarred Thoughts clear of course, here it's referred as dogs We sprout from glass house hung on curbs of shards As pedal jacks observed devil acts, word to God As a seed, I read ingredients of hurt and lard Warden the hood but my court good, search my heart Do it quick for ruger clip, make it burst apart Till then disperse, not a verse but a work of art Prepping today like it's the last night of feeding Figured the fast route since we've been cast out of Eden Rep the team that never left the scene Apparently arrogant from battling the Nephilim Get fronted on we run along with crew as ill Track back through a few, had steel nothing too grass hill You know us, go load up to touch robust Payback is delivered deliberate no rush Born in the jungle, yeah [Hook] [Verse 2: Ka] Reared tough to get geared up no makeshift We ain't blood or straight bitch in your playlist Man moves can't rule in a state constant stasis Trying to ball proper not that Dr. Naismith Trust, crushed like a hair, get your wig pushed No bird in the hand, preferred grams by the big bush Just another lost soul strolling the crossroad We ain't speak, clicking heat is our Morse code We good in here but timid couldn't appear Top rook, spot shook through a hull of veneer Was mold in the friction, it's told in my diction Rolled low so po-po couldn't hold a submission No donning shackles, stiff-arm and tackle Or be in felon digs, selling cigs to glom some mackerel All the live words and proverbs, the psalms is factual Soul connected with gold collected, bond is natural [Hook] [Outro]

13曲 | 2008



鈴木 雅之の人気曲

鈴木 雅之