Straight Talk from NY feat. Grand Puba,Sadat X,Wakeem

  • 2019.10.02
  • 5:12


[Featuring Grand Puba Sadat X Wakeem] Hook: Word up hip hoppers as you feel the breeze From New York straight talk to the Tokyo scene (x4) Sadat X: Walkin' New York with the big stick loaded Most voted for the daily tabloid from Tokyo to Repungy Square I be there and as the plan unfrail I freak the ? Sadat X I'm more New York then the yellow cabs I'll move your pectorial muscle on down to your abs My man Honda not the car but the DJ Attacks the pans and move fast with your hands Up in the wild lands and walked across the burning sands Can I have a little more Saki in my cup? Yo DJ Honda I'm kinda fonda these Japanesse women They treat me like a king and scream my name out loud There's room for one more three is never a crowd My Cloak and Dagger is enough to make you swagger Been on this here stage since 12 years of age Ha the pleasure prince of poem is invincible Sight unseen I'm long and lean It's like that Sadat is president Ha live and on stage New York resident Check it Hook (x4) Wakeem: Uh oh camras in flick reports all on my shit Chickens be analyzin' from London to Japan Showin' me and my man we chinky off the scomma They know we holdin' for drama so they ain't sayin' nathin' Meditatin' mad gucci eatin' sushi With the chinks who sport links and Georgio Armanni See me in my China mommy slippin' outta town She love a nigga long time still holdin' me down And tell 'em I'm the King Of New York a black Frank White aiight I'm still polititic scrappin' all the paper in Bringin' the socki in the Bronx got a brother thinkin' Live Tokeyo watch Sadat will blow the spot up Hook (x4) Grand Puba: It's time to run right through ya like White Castle do ya Be true to the game or I'll play like I never knew ya Brothers here can't get a red penny Mess around and catch a bad one like that devil Denny Now a days I'm real leary on the Hilfigure Hit them people off it's time to see a nigga A phat Benz seven figures and all that Cause I'm the one who put Tommy Hilfigure on the map It's time to surrender servin' MC's like a bartender Monkey wrench your whole agenda Brother got more game then Bob Barker But I'm smoother than Peter Parker In junior high I kept Vodka in my locker Mama left don't get home till 6:30 Bag a joint pursue to groove and get dirty I'm puttin' MC's to the curb Puttin' brothers outta business like Barny did Big Bird I got to have it bad I'm hungry mess around I'll swallow ya I'm hungrier then a nigga in Somalia Grand Puba Sadat X comin' here to wet it Not gonna let it, no My rhymes vary cause I'm good like Carey Pop shit like a cherry make you blue like berry I stay thinkin' me take shorts is dead and stinkin' I spilt Malibu on my knickers down to my last drink and Oh let me out so I can run my route Plus make the girls pout cause I am trippin' out Baby, no maybe baby on top like gravy Roll with more motherfuckers than the Navy No fakin' I puts the Asalam with the Lakim While brothers turnin' fowl like bacon You still can't have my stylle cause it's taken I'll leave you in your boots shakin' While I'm countin' all the money that I'm makin' No diggedy no doubt With my man Honda and I'm out Hook



dj honda feat. Grand Puba, Sadat X, Wakeem