Just Blaze, Bleek & Free(Album Version (Explicit)) feat. Freeway

  • 2003.01.01
  • 4:14


(feat. Freeway) (Just Blaze) Hey yo guru, this Just Blaze, Bleek & Free right? So i could get a hook, or verse or sumthin? Get that outta here! Stick to makin beats...I stick to yo' moms, nigga! (Memphis Bleek) JUST BLAZE!!! Roll up a L, pour glass in that Arme Young E's had game since the days of Atari Since the youth, I used to shoot her right back to the path My day, goin hard, mack the back of the Cab Did it all, little robbery, back cart of the G-train Hood became a part of me, got a hell of a street game Niggas dont want no part of me, Bitches they wana roll up roll out Sit in the Ferrari, Breeze through Marcy YUP! They know im gangsta in every way YUP! I keep it gangsta, tech on me everyday BUT! P-Game, how i lean to hit it, dont act right, i got to leave these bitches you know! I chase bread dog, im after the spread dog the least you could do is give a nigga a lil' head dog! Parked by marcy, this two door Ferrari Cant believe mami's a Nani, POOnani But i guess she dont listen, so ima slut her like a ghost in the hole, Missing the track HUH! And im a P I M P fo' sho rap ROC NYC for short (Freeway) F R two e's slide through deliver more WHAT! ROC PHI for short, por favor I twist backwards swereve in the jeep, Cheek deep, pick up the chicks, chicks lookin for bleek bleek sleep, makin me sick wont answer the phone Motorola Two way,you may answer to Freeway! I think it's him pagin me now, i hear the back strap Where you at? Got a room full of freaks! And they tryin' to get right, i could smut 'em all night, and get them chickens outta sight Pass them hoes, then mack 'em G to K, Freeway known for movin the Yay, i could get 'em from point A to point G] Here's the deal, i stuff 'em in the wheel For the right amount of billsm i bring em where you stay Y'all HATE freeway, scared when you see the freeway But you wanna kill freeway! Your girl ride the freeway everyday Up and down, Back and forth In & out, know every rout (chorus)(memphis) Where my bitches who stack niggas? Fuck wit a nigga like memphis who gettin that paper But'll light you up with the jigga man! where my bitches at? where my bitches at? Where my real Bitches at, cmon! (Freeway) And all my niggas who took llamas,murda murda heard of a nigga named freeway, from philly to the 'Linas where my niggas at? where my niggas at? where my real niggas at cmon! VVerse 2 (memphis) All day i be smokin, We all my niggas who tokin We hit the block with the potent, give 'em a week and they blow it You know and you know, theres some ofa's sittin low and my dogs know who all of us are, we sit low in the cars Aint no bitches wanna roll, they say im doin my thing! See its blue in the chain! I was changin my jeans but, lil mami is you rollin, you what?, you fucka you suck for real im tryin'a see whats up WIT you Introduce you to the pimp and the playas aint no playin cuz im a gangsta, i dont fuck with them hatas, and basic, hatin is the part i Ain't feelin ho's wanna fuck, cuz there's shit that im willin once they see it, i just fuck up they head, and when i bang out in the hood, i just fuck up my bread Instead of lead,i save it when i see you face to face right now, im fucking wit hoes, they dont gimme face shit! Chorus


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