Let It Bang (Explicit) feat. M.O.P.

Track byX-Ecutioners

  • 2002.02.27
  • 3:30


(feat. M.O.P.) [Intro] (Pop! Pop!) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! [scratch starts] AAW! Are you motherfuckers ready? YEAH! (Baby baby) YEAH! Executioners!!! (hahahahahaha) M.O.P.!!! YEAH! (hahahahahaha) (shit) Crack-o, nigga! (First Family!) Nigga! (yeah) Fuck that, fuck that! OH! OH! (What happened to the beat?) OH! OH! (Bang your head against the wall, c'mon!) OH! OH! OH! OH! Yeah.. cheese nigga! One time, First Family (cyclops! ) [Billy Danze] Yo, I'm from a hellholee where male role models, live in bottles And a nigga first love is a drug We all fascinated by thug activity, street life liberty Whole ghetto remedy, toss 'em a slug It's the untameable, nonflammable Unrestrainable, nonchangeable M.O.P.! From the dark side my family provide knowledge To determine if niggaz like you can live or die on the street [Lil' Fame] This is recreational wreck to keep y'all illin Sound off, pump rounds off rock like Bob Dylan would One-million and one guns, one-million and one sons Cap pealin put two in your lungs, BLUM! BLUM! It's the world's most amaaazing Blazing (First Fam) DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Critically acclaimed criminals to blame Put 'em in critical condition, fuckin with Lil' Fame [Chorus] AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! ("Holdin it down") If you wanna be hard rocks, c'mon - LET IT BANG! ("Holdin it down") If it's hits you want, hit 'em; yeah - LET IT BANG! ("Holdin it down") You see it! Say what? - LET IT BANG! ("Holdin it down") Step in the ring and I'll break yo' ass off - LET IT BANG! OH! OH! OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh OH! oh AAAAHHHHHHHHH! [Billy Danze] Hey yo this shit is real blown out, allow me to pull my chrome out And push pieces of your dome out (NO DOUBT!!) So now (AAAHH!) you see Tomorrow Never Dies cries Yeah, but it's on back blocks, imbedded in some blacktop And now, they wonder why we move the way we move (WHY WE WRECKIN EVER SMOOTH) and whadda we have to prove? (AHH!) Nothin! (Continue to survive) we're survivors Show me a man that's live, I'll show you Danze is liver LET IT BANG! [scratches] "You know I bring it to you live" "You've heard of us, official [DJ's] murderous" (OWW) "The X-Men" - "comes equipped" "It ain't no shame in our game, we do our thing" LET IT BANG! [Lil' Fame] Who wanna test me now? Cops wanna arrest me now, killers wanna stretch me now Tear up and crush me now I'll bring it to your door, UPS style dressed in brown Walt skully hat, cover my eyelashes Y-2-K what now? I'ma die blastin (then) Open up your back like a wide out Spitty spittin the lead until it knock your insides right out [Chorus] Roc-o OH! Roc-o, n*gga n*gga LET IT BANG!