Lets Talk About It (Interlude)

Track byCarl Thomas

  • 2005.04.20
  • 3:38


"Let's Talk About It" [Jermaine Dupri] Uh huh, oh Oh, damn baby Shit........... How you get all that in them jeans? Nevermind that, you hear this? It's that Star Trak Clipse, (get down!) So So Def [Verse 1 - Pusha T] Question - ask any nigga Rapper or a hustler, who rocks is bigger? [Pharrell Williams] - The rapper! Naw, dawg, go figure With the V12, I make that straight killa I flood the block, I hug the glock I have a whole neighborhood that seen a thug to stop (Stop!) Cause I show 'em what Waco see, then hit the district cant visit to Jac-o-b I like my diamonds colored, watch it smothered (me too) Show off at the place of jewels, let the white man love it (hahaha) I'm too much, got bitches out for me Bring 'em home, give 'em they choice of balcony She said "We can have more fun", I said "How can we?" Then she brought her girl in and ate her out for me, wow (Wow!) All night sexin', just think, this all came from one question [Chorus - Jermaine Dupri] You got a big ass bell? Lemme see you jingle it baby You got a big ass bell? Lemme see you jingle it baby Wanna talk about cars? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about a house? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about jewels? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about money? Dont talk without it Wanna talk about chicks? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about hits? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about cris? Lets talk about it But when you talk about cash, dont talk without it [Verse 2 - Jermaine Dupri] Now as the game rotates, and my chrome gets bigger More and more girls wanna fuck this nigga Hard for a chick not to stick around When I come through town, layin my dick down They can tell a true playa by the clothes that I wear Game that I spit, and the length of my hair (Ok) The more I come, the more I cum, get it? What you see now, I been done did it Every girl around, I been done hit it Cars been kited, since I was sixteen And yes, I'm still spendin' that Kris Kross creme (haha) Big boy moves, big boy shine Big boy watch tell big boy time Everybody know I got the recipe, so you know ya'll niggas can't mess with me Matter of fact, I don't even gotta say no mo' (Oh)


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