Non stop diamond hope~Kaya ver.~(Instrumental)

  • 2017.12.20
  • 4:25


Uh, going out to the Zulu Nation You go out with the old and in with the new I'm well-situated cause I know what to do When the mic is in my hand see I just stand firm And wreck shit so the next man learns How do you flow? I never run out of breath So much sould I had to step to the left Because my style's Abstract See I form no definite picture but I get you anyway And I like to say You can play King Erisson and "Have A Nice Day" I go on and on like inflation Yeah, I shoot the gift on your radio station I walk around uptown with my Dalmation And when he's hungry he eats Kennel Rations Huh, I give good vibrations From the Rockies to the Appalachians Hit skins across the nation But I won't budge if she's on her menstration Yeah, I won't swim in the red sea Even if it's so Betsy Rode more saddles than Willie Shoemaker It doesn't take Diamond all day to make a Hype slammin track, but I won't never rush The proof is in the pudding so hush Well don't smirk up your lips, where'd you get the audacity? Give me five minutes and I'll show you how it has to be Dun, don't front, you're not the first or the last to be Warned of the skills I possess the capacity I catch wreck just like Butch Cassidy So don't sleep, moneygrip, or that ass'll be Out of the frying pan, into the fire Now I'm dead on your ass like Spencer for Hire Word, but I'm not on the take Brothers start to shake when I dig in the crates And create a hype plate that rotates On 33, with the flavor of a hoe cake Yeah, I keep ticking like a Timex I go the whole nine, so if you reach a climax Blame it on the boogie, blame it on the rhythm Blame it on the vibe that I give 'em Yo, I used to smoke Newports, never toked on a Marlboro See I'm from the Boogie and I'm proud, cause our borough Was the first to take a five-second beat Make it repeat, then it spread across the tri-borough Living lovely, everything's teriffic I get wicked just like Wilson Pickett So come again, come again my friend If you live by the pen then you'll die by the pen I'm gonna live to be a senior citizen Why? Because my shit is in So come along on my musical journey You don't need a ticket, cause Diamond can kick it Like Pele, way back in his heyday Going out to Butterball and my cousin Ray Ray Never did a bid, but I almost did I use my head cause I'm one smart kid I don't own a Rolex but I absorb beats like a Kotex And get funky just like Joe Tex Word, see my rhymes make your brain tick Brothers bump my tape because it's not the same shit That you heard last year or the past year I ring bells at the cashier Because I'm a fun going guy with the notty dreadlocks I once lost a bill betting on the Red Sox But that's another topic, I used to cut rocket in the pocket Three minutes and change, I'd better stop it And I gotta give a shout out to G-Man, and Joe Control Peace, I'm out