Track by Fabolous


作詞:Jc Oliver/John Jackson/Samuel Barnes

(Hook:) (Girls) Those that are bourgeois Those that are hoochie Those are usually in Gucci (Girls) Some of them no good Some of them so hood But they all pros at you know what (Girls) Local or overseas They all go crazy over me Don't matter what part of the world Girls want to be part of my world (Verse 1:) Look, I done had my share Bringin' round me, is a bad idea I take Big or small, short or tall Light or dark, I try them all Cuz i like From stupido groupie hoes To one of these r&b group skio's I need a slick mouth, thick south, brickhouse Or i may date, a-rate playmate Ten in the face, thin in the waist Tight in the thighs, light in the eyes Even those Who think they the shit, on some female player shit I keep my Walkin' on pedicured paws Touchin' wit' manicured claws If you waxed down, and tanned up so let me see ya hands up Now (Hook) (Verse 2:) I like my In four inch Christian Laboutins Lips made for kissin' and poutin' i like my Fat butt, flat gut, and that strut to drive a cat nuts I like my Gangsta pretty, stank saditty No change, only got franks and fittys Them Natural born freaks, wit blonde streaks, Seven's on cheeks My nothin'less than a dime piece Pink face cartier time piece I like my Thug enough to cuss out cops Wit' tits that'll bust out tops I like my Classy and sassy, Still know how to be nasty i Like my Wit' no flaws, no laws No bra's and no draws' Those yours (Hook) (Verse 3:) From the Asian to the Malaysian I even had the Bahtian to the Caucasian I spend most the weekend Wit' pretty Puerto and Costa Rican Then again, I love Dominicians And might be stylin' wit' a Italian I be shakin for a Jamaican And take by the million if they Brazilian I'm sailin wit' a Australian Or trafficin' wit' the south African Panamian or Grenadian You know I cross the border for a Canadian I need a miss that's Swiss, a freak that's Greek Or distinguished English I fly in for a Hawaiian And if you dont know who i am (Hook) (Outro:) Yeah, this Trackmasters, Desert Storm, Street family.... Fabolous And i'm Tone the ref, let's go

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