Can You Hear Me

Track byFabolous

  • 2004.11.08
  • 4:57


FABOLOUS LYRICS "Can You Hear Me" [Chorus] Cuz now I ain't wit cha, know that I miss ya, some how I carry on I can still picture, when I was wit cha like you was never gone I remember the good times, all of the bad times I dedicate this song, to my niggaz laid out, Til my niggaz lay down Can Ya Hear Me, I know you hear me [Fabolous] Now we was once two niggaz of the same kind Quick to holla at a bitch with the same lines Quick to draw on a nigga with the same nines But at the same time we was on some diffrent shit Cuz you was with a bitch that I beg to differ wit I told you sniff a bit and you could get a whif of it But you kept a closed nose when it came to those hoes And Im your nigga so I tried to smell em wrong for ya Wasn't there to take the fault for ya, But if you hear me I dedicate this song for ya, He was setup in a stick up By a girl he used to pick up on the upper west side I used to help him chop a brick up, They found him in his pickup Pants down and dick up, Leanin with one in his head And one in his chest, One of the best at this husslin' shit But his downfall was that he put his trust in a bitch and it's fucked up [Chorus] [Fabolous] I remember selling three bricks of raw powder Turn my man into a star in 24 hours He didn't care spent the money in like 4 hours On a Benz with like 400 and Horsepower And a chain that had christ on it, a rollie with alot of Ice on it A pinky ring with a price on it, when he come around Its likely that he blunted With a pretty lady in them Nikes that you wanted It's well know he kept it on his hip like a cell phone If you speak with him you can pick up on his jail tone He used to say he wasn't going back without blowing back And now I'm black I wouldn't put it past him The D's would Harass him, til he finally blacked out They told my nigga to freeze, but he still backed out Shots fired 'til his trigger finger got tired All the newspapers said was 'Another Nigga Dead' And it's fucked up [Chorus] [Fabolous] You can catch me in a cherry red 8-50 nice ass Great titties, face pretty everybody know that she date smitty A big time dealer thats doing a state biddin Who did more than his share of dirt in the world Enough to make a nigga think about hurtin' his girl So he used to tell his queen to stay to the castle Away from the hassle to the day that he pass through There's some enemies he might have who may wanna blast you She stayed for a few years, that's until a few pairs Convinced her to come and hang out around New Year's It's been awhile, you can see it in her smile And she ran into her man's Co-Defendant in the trial Who started going on about how he moving on About running with them same niggaz Smitty had warned about She slid off told her girl, she had to drop her kid off They found her in the parking lot, somebody blew her lid off And it's fucked up [Chorus - 2X]