IC3 (feat. Skepta)

Track byGhetts

  • 2021.02.19
  • 3:48


All black attire Draw back and fire My nigga dem ride out Horseback for hire Full clip in the drive I ain't talking Richard But I'm talkin' prior What you know about death and bury? What you know about press and semi? (Huh) What you know about? (Greaze) What you know about Ghetts and Skeppy? (Go on then) I feel like I'm born again Me and Ghetts on the track and it's feeling like the rooftop all again Yeah, we're firing that corn again Get the toe tags and the body bags Soon as they told me about the power that came with the black skin Unlocked it, then I tapped in Alchemist, when I feel the pressure, I make diamonds I cannot stop getting the racks in Who would have thought back then We'd be some powerful black men? Back when, we was in estates I was trapped in, trapping Y'all know how it's impacted us Can't block a nigga when flats are us Abandoned flats where the mandem trap I took a few Ls in my Champion hat Came back like a champion and landed jabs while being branded black African man, you see the jewels on my neck Class of Deja, went school with the best When I fire my lyrics, you know I shoot for the chest and the head Eyes roll back, better check if he's dead I cannot act for the image I'm in the motherland putting racks in the village What you talkin' bout, Willis? Ever see me on the iPhone, better know that I'm talkin' bout b'iness Don't tell me go back where I came from While the Queen sits there in stolen jewels Cool, I go back with a chain on I light up the place like Akon Mmm, I got a bullet with your name on Bloodstains and a pavement you played on You think I give a fuck about a loose screw? My brudda, my whole brain's gone Look in the mirror I see king, I see me I see who? I see what? IC3 Look in the mirror I see king, I see me I see what? I see who? IC3 Yeah, please don't talk about numbers I don't wanna hear what he did Talk about me, you're talking undefeated Talk about SK, GH? No introduction needed The Queen offered me the MBE I said no and I raised my fist I went home, got my chieftaincy, now I'm back on the strip Police stop me in the street, they wanna take a pic There's only one Ghetts and there's only one Skepta Blood of a king so I named my son Emperor You see, right now, I'm on a mad one I need red rooms for the whole month, pepstar How can they say I don't want no smoke Like man don't know I am the drug tester The young mad boy, old niggas love lecture Diamond under pressure Them man are playing question time Talking about who's next in line? Who da best in grime? All we wanna know is who gonna stand the test of time? Labels on the phone and I had to press decline With a heart like mine How could I quit? Bought a crib out of the bits Mumzy proud of the kids Didn't wanna play us on the radio We took the ting worldwide, now I'm on a piss I'm a serial cheat, I got too many exes You don't know how long I been dumping Where was you in that Boy Better know and that Movement era? Right now, man are wondering Some of you niggas need humbling I got drink that needs pouring Got weed that needs crumbling Got gyal asking my real name My mum don't even call me Justin Look in the mirror I see king, I see me I see who? I see what? IC3 Look in the mirror I see king, I see me I see what? I see who? IC3 Go on then, go on then, go on then, draw for the 'chete Bullets start droppin' down like confetti Won't bring a strap if the beef is petty Nah, rudeboy, I just draw for the 'chete Make your belly look like a bowl of spaghetti Leave your lip buss and your forehead sweaty I make you wish you never drawed the machete Go on then, you think you're ready? (Greaze) God forgive me if I bust my nine God forgive me if I bust my nine I don't wanna get locked up like Shyne And then you crossed my line, so I I buss one, bust two, buss three I buss four, bust five, buss six I buss seven, buss eight, buss nine And me buss ten