Track by MIKA


作曲:MIKA, Nina Woodford, Jarrad Kritzstein & Crucial

Oh here I go again
I wake up every morning
to this ground hog day
Thinking about the list of
things that I've done wrong
Can't even count
It goes on too long
I try to change my ways
I feel like I'm the villain
in some crappy play
The book has long been written
But I'd rather be
Just about anyone
Else but me
I hope you see
It doesn't mean I'm not a
It's just that I wanna be a
little lighter
Spent so long fixing things
I've done
I've got holes in all my pockets
Even those holes they got
Hiding things that'll never see
the sun
I'm taking off
Going to Rio
I'm getting lost to find an
alter ego
It could be Paris or Berlin
I don't care what state I'm in
Gonna leave it all behind
Maybe I'll be myself
When I'm somebody else
This is not an invitation
I'm going to Rio
This is not a conversation
Say goodbye to me-oh
Maybe in ten years time
You'll receive a letter from
some random guy
You'll like him so much better
But then you will see
He's not a stranger
It's only me
I could only be myself
As somebody else
Cuz you got sun I got bad
Anything you can lose I can
lose better
Did my best with what life gave

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