Can't Wait(Extended Version)

  • 1995.01.25
  • 4:12


Woo (ahh, ahh) Yo, Yo, Yo. This goes out to all my peoples down in the Weak Way section and all my peoples in the Hootieville Section. Word is bond. Jamaica Queens in the hidda house. Word is bond as we set it off like this. I'm like RR like I had my flows beez like all girls draws be crack da phills spread da reals in the hidash roll it up then ask who chipped in 4 da exedera funk extraterrestrial sniping 57 passengers like wesley do it's da truth like vodk 180 proof don't drop ya draws I hump through ya daisy dukes (true) put ya fingers in the da air if you're high (high) I walk by so F a drive (by) I swing up in it battin average is half as good as Reggie Jack Is dats why U talk backwards and and uh chumps be on some bogard stuff like Humphrey You couldn't beat me if you ran with 2 Jump Street or in 90210 F it Yo in da movies I'm tha brother puffing ahh in da back row. Chorus I can't wait to get it on (8 times) I'm just a smokey boy from the land of the lost You can't see me like Charlie's Angels boss I'm often coolin round da blidock I rocks around the clidock My sha sha clock from here 16th and Lenox ask Rodger Thomas if I'm getting scamad I wa milk last year now I'm butta like Blue Bonnett Now who got da funk? (We got the funk) A yo well I got da rah we got the ahh I never sniff I'm just swiff with da gift We get our crew to disappear in da mist - Reezeal You couldn't feel me on braille - Well I write my names on walls in spots when I'm buyin ale Da fly guy wit da force like Luke Sky down 4 a mozitwa hon If ya fly - Da Funkadelic been rocking mics since da 4th grade I terminate like X and terminate like swartzenegge dum dee dum rock like Bijou Bonton sooped like Wonton Funk by da tons drums Please my whole crews making gees tonights da night Baby so blow up off these and it's on. Chorus I said I catch that A Train to da left da chalk I set it off like Bobofet - Big up 2 all my brothas in da housing projects I runnin up in ya continue 2 split ya guts Grab da rail you need to hold when I rock well got wits like Pernell its da bomb like aknel - rickety rocking mind deep as the lockness - waste brothas like Toxic - wet like Goloshes Can I handle my biz? Yes U can cause I cause chaos I bring a lot of Def 2 Jams yes I can now act stoopid I'll pop da trunk caclunk now gimme a ba bump ba bump oooh cool smoove like 2 blue suede shoes y'all peoples slept on my hoffin and koos word 2 dantan pillow and Cool B. switchin speeds like Bruce Lee riding a Fuji in a movie I rock it on the one F Da 2, 3 funky like a box of aah on looseleaf. Yo I said ah, switching up speeds like Bruce Lee Riding a Fuji in that movie (ha, ha) I be saying something real word up if you ain't get it laugh now (he, he) and then figure it out when you get home. Word up, aight.