Enough Of No Love feat. Lil Wayne

Track byKeyshia Cole

  • 2012.01.01
  • 3:49


Intro Keyshia:Ay! Lil Wayne: Young Moola, baby...(Yeah) Keyshia: Y'all ready? Verse 1 I admit that you almost had me I admit I was almost crazy Had me thinkin' 'bout callin' that bitch that night And let her know where she can come and meet me But it's cool--I'ma be a lady She think she cute but she don't phase me And if you knew about all of this good love you'll be missin' out on You wouldn't have played me Refrain Can't say I'm not hurt I'll be damned if I'm broken What we had is now hers Let her know she can have it Chorus 'Cause I can't stay here, if there's no love Yeah, I can't stay here, 'cause I've had enough Enough of no love, enough of no love No love Verse 2 And I admit that I thought about creeping So you could get a dose of how I feel Cause our hearts can never seem to break even But what's the use? I'd rather pack it up and leave you 'Cause here we are again, 'cause you're wrong again Keep tryin' to tell me that you love me But your actions say another thing [Refrain] [Chorus] (Lil Wayne) (Tunechi) Why you worried 'bout that other ho? 'Cause that other ho ain't worried 'bout another ho Yeah, you say it's over but you still fussing You just clumsy, always tripping over nothing That other bitch is just that other bitch I give her space and give you the mothership We can't let her tear down what we built I told you if you ride or die then I'll be your seatbelt In sickness and in health for rich, poor and I stay rich But love is a bitch and bitches ain't shit And I'm riding with a girl name Keyshia, smoking on Kesh Outro Cause I can't stay here (Young Moola, baby), if there's no love (I know I can't) I can't stay here (I'm hurtin'), 'cause I've had enough Enough of no love (No love, no love, no love, no love, no, no, no, no) (You ain't got no love for me, you ain't got no love for me, c'mon)


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