I Miss U

Track byPimp C

  • 2013.08.15
  • 5:26


(feat. Tanya Herron, Z-Ro) [Pimp C (Tanya Herron):] Huh!! (I miss yooouuu, I'm talkin to you baaabbbyyy) Dedicated to everybody that lost somebody knalmtalkinbout? (I miss yoouuu) Knalmsayin… (I miss yooouuuu, I'm talkin to you baaabbbyyy, I miss yooouuu) Gotta give 'em they flowers while they living knalmsayin 'Cause ain't nothin promised, one day you here, the next day you gone For real.... [Pimp C:] Uhh! A lotta shit done changed, dope man since you been gone I did a whole lotta good, I did a lotta wrong I made a whole lotta change, I wrote a lotta songs Sometimes I felt weak, most times I stood up strong Yeah I got three kids now, Natasha had a son We ain't together no more, I guess we was just too young To even try to start a family in the first place But I get happy every time I look into his face Ever since you went away, man it's been hard for me Didn't know 'til you died, how much you meant to me All the time and the patience you put into me You showed me how to be the man that I was meant to be Taught me how to play music and 'bout the melody And to this day, I remember what you was tellin me You told me, "Son, most of this rap shit is just noise" "But if you put some music in it, you'll get rich boy" That's why I stay up in the studio, up all night I fuck with live musicians to get the groove right Yeah I'ma rap star now, yeah you could say that 'Cause now my walls is filled with gold and grey plaques Doin shows and videos and makin big stacks But if it would bring you back.. I would trade all that I wanna thank ya for everything that you did for me I'm on my knees praying to God that you hearing me [Chorus: Tanya Herron] (Oooohhh yeeaahhh) I miss yooouuu, I'm talkin to you baaabbbyyy I miss yooouuu (you know that I miss, I'm missing you) I miss yooouuu (ooohhhh), I'm talkin to you baaabbbyyy I miss yooouuu {*harmonizing*} [Pimp C:] I know you watch me up there and it's gettin hard for me When you get a chance, put a good word into the Lord for me I been got caught up, got sent to the pen I let ya down, I'm in a place I know you never thought you see me in But all these things is happening for a reason I guess God saved my life and put me up to see another season And all my so-called friends don't even write to me They don't go check on my momma, don't send no price to me I'm tryna raise my kids from a penitentiary Stayin on my knees, praying they don't grow up to be like me Do you remember when my parents thing ain't worked out? You let me and my momma come live in yo' house Knowin already you had too many people livin wit'cha You always treated me special, I never could forget cha Cook me breakfast and lunch and dinner everyday You wiped my tears away, tried to explain why my life had to be this way Always gave me the real, you never bullshit me I wish I woulda said thank you when you was here with me My uncle miss ya and I know you know his heart is blue But he ain't the only one 'cause Annie I miss you too [Chorus] [Z-Ro:] A house is not a house if ain't nobody livin in it Tell me why black life isn't life unless there's prison in it General population of super cell, or Johnny or some Jack Man Powdered coffee, peppermint, peach cool offs, but a paint I wish I had that And even more than my freedom, I wish I had somethin else I would give back everything I've accomplished 'fore this one thang and nothin else I ain't talkin about a relationship 'cause broads bring too much drama (drama) I'd even pass the chance to be a millionaire if I could hug and kiss my momma (momma) I remember like it was yesterday, although I was six years old "Momma what's wrong, wake up, wake up! Why yo' forehead hot and yo' hands so cold?" "Who all these people up in our room? Auntie tell 'em put my momma down!" I didn't understand what was goin on, but it felt wrong 'cause so many people came around I didn't have to go to school that day (that day), and everybody was buyin me shit (buyin me shit) Tellin me everythang was alright but they was sad and cryin and shit Ain't that a bitch? My momma ain't never came back, I wish I could hug and kiss her Even though Auntie and Grandma Dorothy raised me right, I still miss her [Chorus: 'til fade]


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