No Gain

Track byWiz Khalifa

  • 2014.09.23
  • 4:19


We started Got so much So much shit to do Don't even know where to start Be here forever I think that's the plan Start here End up there Soon as you think something is going on we start back over It's never going to be the same I ain't complaining though Really wouldn't have it Any other way Nigga [Verse 1] Every day you wake up Your destiny depends on what you do Sometimes I roll one when I'm stressed out Sometimes I roll two Hear people saying shit bout the way I am But I know that ain't true At times I feel like I'm all by myself And I know you do too I'll make some phone calls And check emails cause I'm always grinding Ain't no rush I do things slow Cause it's all about timing Some people think when you get to this point Them like you made it I've seen so many settle for less That's when talent gets wasted I ain't there but if I can I'm a try to be perfect And for those who riding with me I'm a try to make it worth it I drink too much I pray for weed Cause it's better for the stress I just woke up I don't get sleep Boy my schedules a mess [Chorus] Man I work hard god damn shit Man I work hard Man I work hard Man I work hard It ain't no gain Without being in no pain It ain't no gain Without being in no pain [Verse 2] Just left another one Just rolled another one Just got another check Bout to go through another one Falling asleep on the plane No _________________________ Standing and holding it down Don't care if it make you uncomfortable Hardly spend nights at the crib Homie that's just how I live Don't even go hard for myself I got a wife and a kid I don't ever question the biz Nigga it is what it is You niggaz ain't killing shit No you niggaz ain't killing shit What they doing they saying nothing ___________________ said nothing Call my phone it ain't nothing I smoke a lot but don't judge me Probably wake up earlier than all of you niggaz Motherfuckers always say to the squad But all hating motherfuckers always hating ass niggaz [Chorus] Man I work hard Man I work hard fuck Man I work hard god damn like what you want me to say Man I work hard it's what I do It ain't no gain Without being in no pain It ain't no gain Without being in no pain Man I work hard


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