The Dude

Track byQuincy Jones

  • 2003.04.23
  • 5:37


Chorus: Who is it That walks the street with all the action? (It's The Dude ) Who is it That always gets a hot reaction? (That's The Dude ) Verse I: Don'tcha' go makin no mojo moves 'Round The Dude (Don't try no funny bizness.) Don'tcha' be coppin no attitude With The Dude (Hey, hey, here comes The Dude ) The Dude Speaks: Hey everybody in the neighborhood, The beauty's on duty, better hear me good Sister E-flat tomato, Brother B-flat balloon, Somethin' funky's goin' down, better listen to my tune I graduated from the college of the street I got a P.H.D. in how to make ends meet Inflation in the nation don't bother me, 'Cause I'm a scholar with a dollar You can plainly see/ Bridge: He's a winner 'cause it's in his blood Ain't nobody whose out there like him Any corner in the neighborhood, That's the place that you'll always find him Soft talkin' with a rap so sweet, (He does it good ) Ladies call him The Candy Rapper (They want his love.) He's the only one that's really cool (He's really cool) That's the reason why he's The Dude Chorus: Who is it That ain't got time for foolish talkin'? (It's The Dude ) Who is it That looks so clean you can't ignore him (That's The Dude ) Verse II Don'tcha' go mess with His walkin' stick— not The Dude (Don't try no funny bizness ) Don't you double-cross him He's super slick— He's The Dude (Hey, hey, here come The Dude ) The Dude Speaks Again: I'm a stone cold taker, I'm a piggy bank shaker, An' I don't waste my time talkin' trash So if you go to my school, You gotta learn this rule — Don't let your mouth write a check That your body can't cash If you never had it, Don't pay it no mind I know you're gonna get it, If you take a little time Take a piece from the East, A piece from the West, Put it where it feels good — Let The Dude do the rest Chant: See him steppin' down the street No forgettin', he's The Dude See him steppin' down the street No forgettin', he's The Dude Repeat Verse I Bridge To Fade


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