MOVE ON (Album Version)


  • 2003.06.18
  • 5:16


[Chorus:] If I go on my way without you Woooahh where would I go If I go on my way without you Woooahh where would I go [A+:] I'm having flashbacks Let me relax my dome My whole joint's blown another soldier won't be coming home Parkside is gonna miss you black foreva Ties will never sever You died tryin' to live better Did what you had to do and now you deceased I hope you livin in peace dont even stress that beef Go 'head and sleep count your blessings return to the essence Everytime I see your fam word is bon I feel your presence It's all over bearing witness like jehovah Ain't nothing strange unless you watch your range like a rover Follow me son, what's done is done, forgot it God bless his soul while his body's underground rotting We won't forget you let a brother try to dis you I swear to god he better have a blade and plus a pistol Forever miss you got babies that wanna kiss you Shining like crystal, and at your wake I pass your ma a tissue [Chorus x2] He was only thirteen when he burst his splean The shot was fatal He died right there upon the kitchen table BLAOW It happened all alone in his house Not a creature was stirrin', not a roach or a mouse And I was just with him, playin' Sega And buggin' on the horn with some honeys like a couple of playas And now he's gone I'm speakin' on my man K-Shawn Forever on my mind mentally as I kick my song He used to talk about the box in the closet Where his pops kept a glock and all the safety deposits Now he stressed, fiendin' just to hold some heat I guess it came from all the stories that he heard in the street I can't explain it, it's ill how we used to feel I used to tell him stop playin' wit that chrome-piece steel He never listened, and now my man is missin' in action I blame it on the fools in the street that's always blastin' [Chorus x2] Aiyyo my dreams are filled with terror Shots gettin' nearer Paralyzed and right in front of my eyes it's gettin' clearer A tragedy resulted from a brother's bad scratch Tried to rob a deli but the gat he had was raggy Bullets sprayed, ricocheted and automatically Hit a bystander, young girl named Amanda The slugs in her back by this cat buggin' no crap Another rugrat, somebody tell me where the love's at Was only seven already on her way to heaven She reached her day and now she won't see her wedding Some might say that this was destined or something But her parents only had one child and now they left with nothing Book all that flix and when they daughter was six Before they moved from the bricks and got caught up in the mix They thought things would get better now they stressed forever They last vision was image of a blood-soaked sweater [Chorus x4]