Get on the Dance Floor (12" Mix)

  • 2009.12.14
  • 7:34


Baseline Now, let's dance Now, here we go Don't quit Coming from Rob is a new hit A record That I created For those of you who waited In the disco, chillin' Waiting for Rob to get illin' It's that time again So friend, let the record spin And I want to move you Let the beats just groove you Clap your hands, don't front 'Cause this is what you want Get on the dance floor Puertorican, black, white, Chinese Come on, let's rock in peace Get on the floor, get loose Rock with the man with juice OK, just play The record that I say Get crazy Stump your feet Move to the funky beat I'm Rob And EZ With the help of the man behind me This part I like When the crowd gets hyped Come on Here we go As I rock the show Get on the dance floor Break it down I gotta win this Don't forget this Count to three Then hit this Groove that makes you move I like the cuts to be smooth I'm the innovator Now not later Use the up and down and cross fader On the mixer Rappers are fixer You got a runny nose, you can fix her Don't diss, me hit me It'll only get me Uptight Then I go get the posse I'm like a star in the sky I'm shining Like a scientist I'm finding A new chemical To get rid of you It's not medicine, magic or voodoo Cause I'm rhyming, designing, timing How long it's gonna take to be climbing To the top Make sure that I won't drop 'Cause I intend to rock the spot Get on the dance floor Keep dancing Don't stop it With a beat like this You can't top it 'Cause I made it To be hot And soon it's gonna be on the top The time is now Not later This is to the things I created I'm not busking And you know it Do it now Or you'll blow it This is what I want you to do Move Get on the dance floor


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