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It's Too Funky In Here

It's Too Funky In Here

Track by James Brown




MMMMMMMMmmm MMMMmm HmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmm Daaaaaiiiiaaaaaaaaa- AaAAHHH(squeak)AAAAAh Hiii hiii HuH! Hiiiii!!!!! Hyeien!! Hyuiieh hi HIGH! OOH! Ooo uh OW! TOO FUNKY IN HE'E!!! Ow! GIMME SOME AIR! Too-wooooooo funky in he'e! Gimme some AAAAAAAAIR!! Open up the WINDOW, MAN! TOO FUN-KAY! (backup singers: 'Too Funky!") SAY IT! (singers: "Funky in here!") Gimme some aaaaaaaaaai'! (singers: "Funkety funk!") Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o fun-kay (singers: "funk up the air!") he'e! (singers vamp) Hwahh!!! GIMME SOME AIR! It too funky in he'e! Gimme some Air! Oo woo WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO woo Too FUN-KAY, OW! Gimme some AIR... ow, nyow! Bass needs... a little wat'rin' down. A-hoo HAH! Guitar could use... a little cool-uh sound-hyuh! Uh! I need a little air-fresh'ne'... under the drums-uh! Open up the window, y'all! Let out some! Too funky in he'e! WOOW!! Say it again! Whajoo say?! WATCHOO! Watcha-watcha-watcha! Wooow!!! Gimme some ai'! Geeya dah-ya maaain ain't leavin' no slack-uh! ha! Horns ain't holdin'... nothin' back! OOo, UH! Whole band knows that they gittin' down! The air's polluted with a fun-kay, fun-kay sound, Now say it a-gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Whoooooooooaaaaaoeoeoeoeooooeooo ooeeeeoooeee! OOdl-uh HYUH! HA! Bleeg-kay DEEK, Bleeg-KAY DEEK! Say it AGAIN! Can't tell ya! Open tha doo' HA! Gimme some! OOH! In the BRIDGE, y'all! Hooow, wow wow! Guitar man!! Put it in yo' funky hand And PLAY! Gettin' down tha's right! My name James Brown is gyown! Uh! Too fun-kay! Too fun-kay in he'e! SAAAAAAAAY it! Gimme some air!

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