Street Struck

Track byBig L

  • 1995.03.30
  • 4:09


(Big L) Yeah, it's the Big L Comin at you once again, in nine-five And I dedicate this one to all my peoples from Uptown.. and everywhere Check it! Yo where I'm from it ain't cookies and cream There's a lot of peer pressure growin up as a young teen You never know when you gonna get wet Cause mad clowns be catchin wreck with a tec just to get a rep Instead of cool friends, they'd rather hang with male thugs Instead of goin to school, they'd rather sell drugs It's best to go the right route and not the wrong one Because it's gonna catch up witchu in the long run Brothers be all up on us, actin stupid, gettin lifted They life is twisted, and most of them are quite gifted In other words, they got TALENT; but they'd rather sell cracks and bust gats and run the streets actin violent To them it's all about hittin skinz and makin some easy green Cause that's all they show you on the TV screen All they care about is a buck or bustin a sweet nut They don't give a (WHAT?) cause they street struck Chorus: Big L You betta listen when L rhyme; cause bein street struck'll get you nuttin but a bullet or jail time So pay attention when L rhyme; cause bein street struck'll get you nuttin but a bullet or jail time (Big L) Before the rap contract, I was sellin crack Stay strapped with a Mac, I was into alla that I started rappin and got nice as hell If it wasn't for this I might be doin life in jail And some of my peeps are still in the game sellin 'caine If that's what you gotta do to maintain, go 'head and do your thang But with the cash profit make an investment And try not to go to the grave like the rest went Cause you can be rich with crazy loot, own a house and nine cars What good is that, if you're dead, or behind bars? And yo it's not even funny I've seen a lot of my peers give up they careers for some fast money They could've been boxers, ballplayers or rap singers Instead they bank robbers and crack slingers Aiyyo they used to be legit kids, now they corrupt They had dreams but gave em up cause they street struck Chorus: repeat 2X (Big L) I still chill with my peeps in the streets; but most of the time I'm in the crib, writin rhymes to some dope beats Or either callin up some freaks to bone But word up, I try to leave the streets alone But it's crazy hard kid, in other words, it's spooky The streets be callin me, like the crack be callin Pookie It ain't a dumb joke, listen to this young folk Cause where I'm from -- you can choke from the gunsmoke Stay off the corners; that might be your best plan Before you catch a bullet that was meant for the next man Or end up with a deep cut Or relaxin on a hospital bed, from bein street struck Chorus: repeat 2X (Big L) Worrrd up! Aiyyo take it from me, the Big L Cause I been through it all, youknowhatI'msayin? Stay off them corners you'll stay out of trouble And I gotta say rest in peace to all the cats teasin streets I'm outta here


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