Chedda Brings (featuring Jose Cenquentez) (Album Version)

Track byGinuwine

  • 2003.04.08
  • 3:36


(Chorus) I Was ready to change the game You forfeited my love and still livin' the same I felt like I was just wanted for the fame It's a bit silly to think I would look again 'Cause you have lost this nigga and a damn good friend I thought you sick arround but you couldn't stay I was lookin forward to those betta thangs I guess it's just the problems that the chedda brings Just the problems that chedda brings (Verse 1) Thought I finaly found my soul sista Convinced I had it all, fell in love qucker Been goin through it all this time And now I'm so sick of... your games I'm so sick of your games Girl, you're fuckin' with tha wrong nigga Must be out your mind or on some strong liquor How could I stay wit cha you right after neighborhood's been wit cha I can't You've already had your chance spendin, all my benjamins (Chorus) (Verse 2) She was a San Francisco gold digga And she knew how to put a hole in a nigga pocket for the cold figgas Chain you up and whip you take your poloroid pictures Oops, blackmail when she get annoyed wit cha Oooh, she the type to do her thing Type to lock you down, for half of the estate From arround the way So fellas beware of the fuckin' game She'll ruin your name and empty all the savings just the same (Chorus) (Verse 3- Jose) Jose had this biddy testin her game Usin' her black gold Thats what I guess she gets out my pockets Chains like a lasso It's past dough she's after my G's Plus my reality I max though payin her rent and now she mad at me Is that so Sayin' well jose you bout to blow Doin' songs wit Ginuwine, Sole, and little mo Im' like What you talkin' I don't know G and he don't know me And you been talkin' sideways a little often Thats why when my thing softens I start to loose interest A gold digga wit a fetish for riches So bear witness She the difference 'tween women and chickens skeazas and sistas 'Cause the chedda brings change in the game We talkin figgas