Inna City Life

Track byGroup Home

  • 1995.01.01
  • 2:58


[Lil' Dap] So much anger built inside I'm a legend of my time 95 is mine And this punk-style niggas thinkin' that they are fly Talk about the ghetto life but they don't know the hard times I'm eatin' curried chicken and rice these folks look nice Smoking lala with my nigga 'till the day turns night Watchin' fiends hustle for skins to fuck up their thing We want their back gets cool You never know tho's a fool Real niggas know the rule I pack a 2 for these fools Half kid set loose in this inner city blue Check it out Where my niggas at? Where my niggas at? Where my niggas at? [Nutcracker] Hey yo nigga I flip, and jump I shift For shooting nigga in the face for I shoot to give Check it Swing the mic live in trife do what you like I hit your moms in the head with a metal pipe Walk through the valley of death with no fear I'm knockin' suckas like a runaway deer So step off son you just can't get none No matter how strong they get DONE I grab my gun in the presence of danger I'm real frustrated with so much anger Express myself violently that's how I think So stand back I'm hittin' harder than a fuckin' tank I just cut my G's and keep steppin' I'm gettin' respect of for the damage I be wreckin' The Nutcracker and I have no biddy That's how it is for the kids in the inna city [Lil' Dap] Lyric disolve from your dome will get done before I break your brain Ain't nothin' to insane got them open like cocaine Check it out party people as I speak with the list People said we couldn't do it 'cause they can't feel it Word is born shit is on now let's all sing along Check it out for my nigga that are R-I-P Pourin' air on his face think about your disease Nothing can be better but the shit goes on But that's life ah, in the inna city [Nutcracker] I make you wanna jump, sike, I kill a fuckin' mike I write the hype dope lyrics that you like I stay low key to myself and keep stepping You wanna fight while I'm reaching for my murder weapon A young nigga, I'm only eighteen When my peoples had beef I was always on the scene I'm the nutcracker and I do what I like That's how we live in this Inna Citi Life Now now now let's get this straight I am the star of this act I never scared a nigga that ain't shit Niggas ain't scared of nothin' Except not being able to get some pussy


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