One Day More

  • 2012.12.26
  • 3:39


One day more Another day another destiny This never ending road to Calvary These men who seem to know my crime Will surely come a second time One day more I did not live until today How can I live when we are parted One day more Tomorrow youll be worlds away And yet with you my world has started One more day all on my own Will we ever meet again One more day with him not caring I was born to be with you What a life I might have known And I swear I will be true But he never saw me there One more day before the storm Do I follow where she goes At the barricades of freedom Shall I join my brothers there When our ranks begin to form Do I stay and do I dare Will you take your place with me The time is now the day is here One day more One day more to revolution We will nip it in the bud we'll be ready for the schoolboys They will wet themselves with blood Watch em run amuck Catch em as they fall Never know your luck When theres a free for all Here a little dip There a little touch Most of them are goners So they wont miss much One day to a new beginning Raise the flag of freedom high Every man will be a king Every man will be a king Theres a new world for the winning Theres a new world to be won Do you hear the people sing My place is here I fight with you One day more We will join these peoples heros We will follow where they go We will learn their little Secrets We will know the things they know One day more Watch em run amok Catch em as they fall Never know your luck When theres a free for all we'll be ready for the schoolboys Tomorrow well be far away Tomorrow is the judgement day Tomorrow well discover What our God in Heaven has in store One more dawn One more day One day more

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