I Forgot That You Existed

I Forgot That You Existed

Track by Taylor Swift


作詞:Frank Dukes/Louis Bell/Taylor Swift

作曲:Frank Dukes/Louis Bell/Taylor Swift

How many days
did I spend thinking
'Bout how you did me wrong,
wrong, wrong?
Lived in the shade
you were throwing
'Til all of my sunshine
was gone,
gone, gone
And I couldn't get away from ya
In my feelings more than Drake,
so yeah
Your name on my lips,
Free rent, living in my mind
But then something happened
one magical night
I forgot that you existed
And I thought that
it would kill me, but it didn't
And it was so nice
So peaceful and quiet
I forgot that you existed
It isn't love, it isn't hate,
it's just indifference
I forgot that you
Got out some popcorn
As soon as my rep started
going down, down, down
Laughed on the school yard
As soon as I tripped up and
hit the ground, ground, ground
And I would've stuck around

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