All I Need(Edited; Feat. Double) feat. Double

  • 2007.01.01
  • 4:03


(feat. Double) [Double harmonizes] [Chorus: Double (Ak'sent)] All I need in this world is somebody For me that treats me right (All I need in this world) So I know who gone be there when I need him And hold me down for life (Hold me down, baby) Baby boy, if you want me, know how I feel for you inside (Cause this is crazy) Do you know that I love you so, honey I'm gone make you cry [Verse 1: Ak'sent] I don't care if you don't Party like Diddy Face ain't Omarion's Body ain't 50 As long as I can call him mine I'd be still with him He say he love me all the time Make me feel pretty Get his name on my titty No baby mama, no drama, ain't And I'm no Empty promises, promisin' to get me Everything I need, if I need it, the gift be Everything I want, if I want it, he a get me When I'm gone, he a miss me Sent for me to kiss me Simply my simile, my melody my symphony Everything he telling me, I feel it cause he meant for me His thug is repelling me Love will forever be All in together now, wifey on the recipe Married on the spot, be the cherry on top If I fallin' forever now, his arms be for catchin' me And he ain't never letting me drop No [Chorus] [Hook: Double (Ak'sent)] Cause you're making me Crazy inside and I can't hide or lie (Crazy in love) And it's plain to see I belong with you and you belong with me (I'm, all, yours) Boy Baby, you and me Can spend some time together (Just a little time) If you promise me I will promise you that it's our life (I'm a ride-or-die chick [Verse 2:] The rings and things he sing about, he bring 'em out He bring the bling-bling, said the dream of a spouse From the first scene, it's like I seen no doubts That's why I play queen to the king of the house I like to be wifey, I fiend for the clout His life excite me Ain't none like him His love entice me To scream, no doubt When he touch me Tease me Squeeze me Bite me Please me, I know it ain't easy, but he do it Won't leave me He ain't never deceive me, to prove it To his Boys, I'm his number one boo and Ain't nobody true like the truest He keeps skies blue and Keep eyes dries, shoot Why cry, when I have this fly guy Got me on Cloud Nine when his love inside I had to give this thug a try Uh hun [Chorus] [Verse 3:] He's Humble at best Shouldn't take up as soft Tried to punk, I test 'em Hold somethin' Wanna teach dummies a lesson True to the streets He don't give cop confessions He never wear a wire Top boss stove like Avon from the wire Blue Range Rover 22 inch riders Stash box under the dash box, craters are hot Gotta be with him, I don't know what I'd do if I'm not [Chorus x2] [Double:] Cause you're making me (You're making me...) Crazy And it's plain to see (And it's plain to see...) Oh, uh Baby, you and me Can spend sometime together If you promise me I will promise you that it's our life