• 2023.05.26
  • 3:33


Couldn't beat her smile, it stirred up all the media Secret side, I wanna know it So mysterious Even that elusive side, part of her controlled area Complete and perfect All you say is a bunch of lies Dear miss genius idol, unmatched What did you eat today? What book do you love? Whenever you go out for fun, tell me, where do you go? Haven't eaten anything It's a secret, unknown Any questions you're facing, always acting so vaguely So unconcerned, although you brightly glow Any seemingly unveiled secrets are as sweet as honey Confusing, why, why, why? Essential lie, lie, lie So, what is your type of guy? Any partner? So, now, answer this "I don't have any idea how I could love anyone" "I don't seem to know what it signifies" Cannot find out if it's true or it's a lie Once again, there's somebody who's fallen for the words and cues Made him lose his head over you That emotion melts all hearts, all eyes on you Cause you are perfect, the most ultimate idol Unrivaled, will not appear again It's the brightest star reborn, yes, indeed Using that smiling face That "I love you" again Now, everybody is lured and captivated by you The pupil that you got The words you vocalize Even when untrue, it's your perfected Ai Right, right, we all know she's very special, yes We had lost the fight before it started, so impressed Miss I'm such a star We're serving as support to her grace Cannot tell me everything was because of her No, it's not right Out of line How can we not feel jealous while being around It's not a joke, you know, right? So, I cannot forgive you for that Completely deny Imperfect you that I sight Myself, no pardon allowed I won't allow anyone if it's not you, strongest of all That emotion seized all hearts worshiping you Yes, indeed So strong, it's you, unrivaled idol There cannot be weaknesses to find The brightest star is residing in you The gaps and shortcomings, don't show'em Dammit, dammit Parts nobody wants to know should remain hidden One and only If it's different, no way, no way Such a true love, it's the realest Ai Showing this smile, my own weapon Boiling media Keeping everything about my secret deep inside "I'm in love with you," my career is built on such a lie It's the way I know to show my love, without a doubt Running down, my sweat is flowing Cleanest aqua, right? Ruby hidden under my eyelids where it resides I sing and dance around Look at me, I'm Maria So, lying surely is the greatest kind of love I recall no one that loved me whole before And I've not been in love with anybody before Now, the lies I'm making up I'm hoping that a day comes when they all become true And I keep wishing they do One day, I will hold everything that I pursue Yes, I am so greedy, true voracious idol So, sincerely, what I'm wishing for is to love each of you with all my heart And so, today, I lie again The words I vocalize inside of me I'm wishing that one day they come true Up to this day, I've not been able to let you And you hear me saying those meaningful words I said it at last I know it's not a lie as I'm voicing these words I love you

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