I Get Money (feat. Rick Ross)

Track byLil' Flip

  • 2007.03.27
  • 3:41


(feat. Rick Ross) [Lil' Flip (Rick Ross):] You smell that? (smell what?) That's money I smell money Hahaaa [Rossss:] I know y'all wonderin' like... "What the hell is Flip doin' man" "How he get out his deal?" All you gotta do is take 2 million And walk in the door, and that's how they'll let you go Hahaaa Cause I get money nigga I'm a fly boy nigga My chain worth thousand grands nigga That's twenty thousand karats nigga (Yeaahhh) Step your game up That's why your chain ain't up niggaaa [Verse 1: Lil' Flip] The 4-5 on my lap when I'm in the trap hood Blueberry by the pound, now where did you get that? (smoked it) I can't tell you nigga, I'm not a sniitcchh But on the real it feel great to be ricchhh I'm just playin' my hand, watchin' "Makin' The Band" (band) Johnny ordered my watch (watch) And he makin' the band (yeaahh) I be changin' it up (uuupp) Ain't no changin' me whaaatt (whaaat) You lil' niggas betta shut up shut up Aye, who shut the mall down? (me!) And who bought all the hats? (me!) Matter of fact, don't I look good in this Cadillac? (yesss) My roof back, my coupe black 50 grand I blew that I'm so fly they call me "Mr. I Can Do Dat" Cause [Hook: w/ Rick Ross adlibs] H-Town! M.I.A.-yayo That's how we do this It's the bosss Multi-millionaire shit 'round here Flip what up? [Verse 2: Rick Ross) Might cop a Benz (whaaat) Not a regular Benz (Rossss) Multi-millionaire so baby I double my endsss Mercedes, Maybach, broke niggas stay back The boss don't play, boy you gotta pay that Watch cop some bub (bub) G's runnin' stacks (stacks) They be year off (off) Bring my money back (back) Yeah I fuck wit G'sss (g'sss) Out in Cloverland (yeah) We talkin' 20 keysss But I don't know the man (Rosss) I'm gettin' cheese (cheeesseee) It's time to shine (shiinnee) I love to flip (flip) I'm flippin' mine (Rosss) Hoes love the smell (smell) They smell the money (money) You wanna smell yourself (bitch) Well bitch shell it from me (Rosss) [Hook: w/ Lil' Flip adlibs] [Verse 3: Lil' Flip] I told niggas I show niggas, I'm the best I'm the shit in New York, but I'm a God on the West (holla!) I must confess, 'The Source' own me two more mics (hey I need two more mics) I took my ringtone money and bought two more bikes I took my liquor money (yeah) And bought another crib (yeah) I got three maids (yeah) That is that fuckin' game Go ask Corn Row (ask him) We do it big right? (right) If I ain't front row, I ain't watchin' the fight (fuck it) I be in Street Port wit my nigga Bayday ??? I be in airports wit my fuckin' AK (shut up!) 4-7 to 11, 1-8-7 on a cop I know you prayin' that I flop, niggaaa! But [Hook]


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