Eat Em Up L Chill(Chill Remix)

Track byLL Cool J

  • 1990.08.27
  • 5:05


Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) [ VERSE 1 ] Bring on the mo's and ho's Don't snooze or doze Cause I'm rippin up shows Hold your nose, dead bodies are around I leave scratch marks under the tears of a clown I write rhymes that shine like lipstick So much material, but not materialistic Imperial styles I use When the mic is lifted the crowd is amused Come with it, if you feel you're full-fledged Or yell "Geronimo!" and jump off the edge Your e-n-d is near when I appear The stage is yours, but wait until the smoke clears Rhyme sayer, and I'm here to lay a load So watch a player when he's playin in player mode Uncle L's bad, and you're soon to say Cause I rip the mic until the toon decay Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) [ VERSE 2 ] MC's are dumb, I catch em in a dragnet You're not complete, I'm battlin a fragment So creative and witty and outstandin And I be demandin that you're abondoned In the desert or a wild west town While I'm at your crib on a cherry-go-round Where will she stop? No one knows Like I said before, bring on the mo's and ho's I know my abc's and my p's and q's Just chill and listen to the rhyme cruise All aboard, the cod is a reward Some were ignored when they toured for they bored The crowd was aloud, lyrics weren't endowed Took a crack of the 40 and went to show em how You like me now, but you didn't before Cause you forgot I was raw Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Yo, eat em up, L) Ah Future of the funk, ah (Go 'head, baby) (Do it) Go 'head, baby (Do it) Yeah (Do it) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Yo, eat em up, L) [2x] [ VERSE 3 ] It's so visual the way I'm throwin down Visualize MC's goin down In a barrage of bullets combinated with rhymes The moral of the story is: I'ma get mines I saw the cord-less, boy, I'm gonna house that Your rhymes are cheesy, you found em in a mouse trap Don't try to front while the freestyle's droppin He wants to battle, he must be needle-poppin You better notify your next akin Cause when I begin it's like a needle to the skin If you wasn't prepared Then you ought to be scared But even if you was You're aware what the rhyme does I remember when you was an amateur Writin your rhymes, starin at my signature Bought the album, analyzed the style Tisk-tisk (Hatchew!) God bless you, child I'm unique when I speak to a beat Another rapper'll fall when the mission's complete I daze and amaze, my display's a faze Every phrase is a maze as Uncle L slays The competition that's lost in a freestyle Cause on the mic I'm the golden child With the magical wand that they're callin a mike And when MC's approach it turns into a spike Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Chill (Eat em up, L) Why don't you just chill (Eat em up, L) Yeah Yeah I wanna say what's up to my man Kool Herc And my man Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation Know what what I'm sayin My man Marley Marl and DJ Clash My man B-Blast Rush Town Def Jam We in the house Of course I gotta say what's up to my homeboys EPMD Yeah I get busy Peace


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