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Ultranol (2012 Remaster)

Ultranol (2012 Remaster)

Track by Blur


作曲:Alex James/Damon Albarn/Dave Rowntree/Graham Coxon

For coughs and colds ans scabby holes Itchy pimples, unseemly moles For funny turns and Chinese burns For aching heads we're most concerned For staying lively, getting it nightly This we guarantee That's Ultranol, here's the new remedy Before you go to bed take 2 or 3 When you wake you'll feel better lalalalala lalalalala lalalalala lalalalala For aches and pains and jellied brains Help you sleep and smile again They're aimless, blameless, almost nameless You get much more although you pay less Revitalise that sexual drive In fact be born again Yes Ultranol will put you on the map Take 4 or 5 then have a little nap When you wake up you'll feel better For coughs and colds and your scabby holes lalalalala lalalalala Keep you young although you're feeling old lalalalala lalalalala If you're not protected you're gonna get it lalalalala lalalalala So suck them and see you won't regret it lalalalala lalalalala Suck them and see Suck them and see Suck them and see Suck them and see

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