The Frustrated Nigga

  • 1996.01.01
  • 3:10


Out of the fog into the smog, he walks in He's ready for victory He walks again by night, ruthlessly Meeting wit the unknown It's the educated field nigga, trained in guerilla Warfare plus equipped wit mental hardware Manifesting organizational skills Cuz organizational skills kills more devils than bullets Pull it, the psychological trigger And be a real nigga Happy as a runaway slave in the jungle, the concrete jungle, Here's your scars weary, here's your arms don't fear 'em But you might die if you bail against the system Another nigga caught up in the system To amend my invisible chains and deviate from the system No longer shall I be a victim Victimized, circumsized by the lies of the system It's equivalent to being nonexisent I used to be a pawn in the game Now I change my postion, I'm making moves Beware of the frustrated nigga Know what I'm saying Ride the pale horse, triumphantly Put a saddle on his back, take him to hell and back You can take a nigga out the jungle But you can't take the jungle out the cat Black cats, brown cats, all types of cats Mental fusion, it's no illusion, or delusion Of grandeur but the way we were And will be and ever shall be Eternally but you mask my present existence In ignorance, mock my appearance Yet yearn for my esscence, steal my lessons So I reeducate, unlearn what Was taught, hold down the fort Each one teach one, now I got support We don't need no water, let the muthafuka burn Down to the ground America, America, the beautiful Thoughts from a frustrated nigga You know what I'm saying Systematic destruction of the original man Drugs by nigga on nigga Cocaine, morphine, nicotine The evil of men run through my bloodstream And the blood of kings runs through my bloodstream This dignified bastard Hazardous to the health of America Black rebel in your area Psychoanalyze this Then send your forces cuz now we mean business You should now bear witness To a new breed of nigga This nigga is smarter than the nigga of time's past This nigga is the nigga of the future This nigga will emancipate himself from the title of nigga And restore his title as king So beware, beware, beware, beware The frustrated nigga