Track byRepezen Foxx

  • 2021.07.08
  • 4:32


DJ FOY Forever immortal No.2 Batter up, my fuckin one verse Gettin' the 絢爛な one chance Betting on ETERNAL My life One shot one girl One night one kill We tough guys so no die With thug life I'm a SAMURAI DJ GINTA Everybody tryna be like me But you can’t be just like me 貧乏人からget that rich I all change the music scean I gained money i gained fame Look at me just look at me Call me Whenever you want me to tap that ass Show me How dirty you really are in the bed Legends never die all already high I just only speak your mind Can you hear me? haha DJ MARU I'm a super cheat cute BOY Crazy people make same Noise Fuck common sense& Prejudice デストロイ We want to change the mind Change the LINE change the Life Change the World Change even our future DJ WAKI I'm the laziest of the Repezen Foxxes Nice to meet you, everyone from overseas Remember my name is DJ Waki, please call me Yellow monkey We're the worst of the Japanese Number one Listen small& big ei combination RED & Yellow double session Start now Stupid revolution Make crazy Japanese fashion DJ SHACHO Check my name Check my name Look up me and Check my name Hater Say that Make money 1 2 paper You'll know I'm a superstar And hated person who can stop Just one win Just one me No brain No pain No gain Everybody look at me Feel all the jealousy Are you ready see you electric energy Enemy Eegy Dom peri Hennessy Just gonna make a huge legacy Look at YouTube for our music Our names will be on the world news Don't stop the carry on Like a super mario Growing grory hey Allway have a homie What we wanna hear Finally Did you remember us already? Actuary, you are friend with benefits Go Netflix and chill haha it's joking Come on my Bitchies I was born to love? Non Non I was born to fuck Haha This is fuckin Hakata style Gold lucky strike Won! Won! Won! it’s Warning! Bon! Bon! Bon! Let’s burning! Like a music legal high ミンナチガッテミンナワルイ

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Repezen Foxx