Point Seen Money Gone (feat. Jeremih) feat. Jeremih

Track bySnoop Dogg

  • 2016.07.15
  • 4:19


Yeah what up [Chorus] Nigga want hundeds, hundeds, hundeds I need money money money Nigga want hundeds, hundeds, hundeds Nigga I need money money money Nigga want hundeds hundeds hundeds Nigga want money money money [Verse 1] The biggest fast time is rhyme the size crime Its been the same man since the game became mine I spot four one of these at the same time Looking like Snoop Dogg back in eighty-nine Do I give a f**k, no I never have I just blow my weed and take a bubble bath I laugh at these niggaz, I aint mad at you niggaz Cause half of you niggaz cant even f**k with me I'm on it cause I'm so f**king city And every town that I roll through I leave my G prints LBC, now that's what I represent, can ya feel it (Eastside) I'm hotter than a batch of fish grease in a skillet I wanna say what up to all the G's, the killas, and the ballers, and the dealers See where I'm from you either rate us, hate us or steal us And right about now all the cap peelers gotta feel us [Chorus with slight variations repeat 2 X] [Verse 2] Money, money is everything It's the crack to the fiend It's the king to the queen It reigns supreme It's the crop to the cream (say what) It's a po man, no man, its everybodys dream Money, mo money, get money But make sure you know that your folks don't get funny Everybody claiming that they down on they luck While I'm fresh dressed like a million bucks I throw on my black socks with my all gold chucks Now lets see which one of my trucks we gone use today To slide away, (where we going) to Snoop World mother f**king U.S.A Its all a dream, and dreams can come true If it happen for me, shit it can happen for you Meech from the beach, he keep shit cracking And everything he touch guaranteed to go platinum [Chorus with slight variations repeat 2 X] [Verse 3] Ya got to have cash to make it these days And you can make at least one of a hundred different ways You can holler at the homie Meech and get a dope track And write you a rap, and try to get you to snap Or you could stand on the streets and holler and wine You can throw up insane, twenty crip or one nine I chose DP cause financially money money money that's all a nigga see See to get it, is to have it, interstate, maintain, don't get broke and fail the game You might catch me in Brooklyn man hanging out with my sons and god sons, cause it's a blood thing Or you can catch me in Oakland, or I might be on my way back to the west coast Still smoking, with a pound of that shit Waiting for me at the crib with my dogs my wife and my two kids, getting money [Chorus with slight variations repeat 5 X] [Ad libs over chorus] For all the niggaz out there getting their money Money is the root of all evil huh You know what I mean, we already living in hell So f**k, get your money man I look at shit like this: The mother f**kers that don't got money, they doing bad and they don't give a f**k and they rob they steal they kill And the mother f**kers that got money, they depressed you know they can't enjoy it So I mean, whats your pleasure you wanna live with it our without it, shit I'm bout it I got to have it, you feel me [Chorus with slight variations repeat 5 X]


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