Moana, make way, make way Moana, it's time you knew The village of Motonui is all you need The dancers are practicing They dance to an ancient song (Who needs a new song? This old one's all we need) This tradition is our mission And Moana, there's so much to do (Make way) Don't trip on the taro root, that's all you need We share everything we make (We make) We joke and we weave our baskets (Aha!) The fishermen come back from the sea I wanna see Don't walk away Moana, stay on the ground now Our people will need a chief and there you are There comes a day When you're gonna look around And realize happiness is where you are Consider the coconut (the what?) Consider its tree We use each part of the coconut, that's all we need We make our nets from the fibers The water's sweet inside We use the leaves to build fires We cook up the meat inside Consider the coconuts The trunks and the leaves The island gives us what we need And no one leaves That's right, we stay We're safe and we're well provided And when we look to the future There you are You'll be okay In time you'll learn just as I did You must find happiness right where you are I like to dance with the water The undertow and the waves The water is mischievous, ha! I like how it misbehaves The village may think I'm crazy Or say that I drift too far But once you know what you like, well, there you are You are your father's daughter Stubbornness and pride Mind what he says but remember You may hear a voice inside And if the voice starts to whisper To follow the farthest star Moana, that voice inside is who you are We make our nets from the fibers (We weave our nets from the fibers) The water's sweet inside (And we'll taste the sweet inside) We use the leaves to build fires (We sing these songs in our choir) We cook up the meat inside (beat inside) The village believes in us (That's right!) The village believes (Ha!) The island gives us what we need And no one leaves So here I'll stay My home, my people beside me And when I think of tomorrow There we are I'll lead the way I'll have my people to guide me We'll build our future together Where we are 'Cause every path leads you back to Where you are You can find happiness right Where you are Where you are


Christopher Jackson/Rachel House/ニコール・シャージンガー/アウリイ・クラヴァーリョ/Louise Bushの人気曲

Christopher Jackson/Rachel House/ニコール・シャージンガー/アウリイ・クラヴァーリョ/Louise Bush