Make Tracks

Track byUs3

  • 1993.06.09
  • 4:45


Makin' crazy tracks it's mellow with the music Did you know that you have a mind so use it Now this may sound confusin', yes yes indeed You got what you want, well I got what I need Walk down the block and say hi to the fellas Lookin' at ya funny, maybe it's 'cos they're jealous Don't let it hit the spot, 'cos they want what you got To knock you out the box and fill ya empty slot So hustle like a gigolo and go for what you know If you need a lesson get tickets to my show If you called the ho, yo there must be a reason You caught some ill shit, now ya gotta stop the skeezin' Get a job hooker, better yet pick up a book Step in front the mirror and take a long look This method of attack is opposite of wack So if ya got the knack it's time to make tracks Lookin' like the next man, is that who you are? Copy cattin' nigga's won't take ya very far So be your own man son, live your life grand Be your own ruler of your own plot of land Sellin' crystal meth aka the crack rock Don't be too mad when ya find ya ass locked Killin' off ya brothers, stringin' out ya mother That may not be your case but it surely is for others Doin' dirty deeds, and pullin' off the capers Now you're lookin' gassed with ya picture in the papers Far from being wack, yo if you're proud and black You'll listen to the rap and then you'll make tracks Bootleg tapes? Yo, what are you, crazy? Knockin' niggas out, huh, that shit don't faze me Don't let me catch you boy, I'll play you like a toy Not tryin' to be a bully, but I'm quick to stop your ploy There's better things to do, other ways of getting' paid Illin', cold chillin', and layin' in the shade Just look at Hi-C and Rahsaan for example We're too legit to quit and our dough supply is ample So if ya gotta brain or a head on your shoulders Better use it quick 'cos you're only getting' older It's knowledge that I kick, it's courage that you lack Ya best to get it fast duke, and make tracks