Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

作詞:Noel Gallagher

作曲:Noel Gallagher

Tidy your books up Put 'em under your bed And gather your thoughts up But, keep 'em in your head Be careful what you wish for Be careful what you dream They let you sing your songs son But, they'll never hear you scream Button your coat up Take shelter from the rain They want you to be like them But, you can never be the same 'Cause you're standing on the outside They'll never let you in They'll let you play the game son But, they'll never let you win Never let them bare witness To the tears in your eyes And never take a handshake From the prophets and their lies 'Cause they put you in the wrong line You've been crying out for more They've given you the key son But, you'll never find the door You've fallen like an angel Stranded on the earth They let you see their riches But, never tell you what you're worth They've put you in the back seat While they're heading for the sun And if you're waiting for the rapture The day will never come The day will never come...

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