Mirror Dance (Episode 017 For The Love Of House track) [Mixed]

Track byAfefe Iku

  • 2016.09.23
  • 3:16


[CHORUS: x2] Tell me wha gwan hyah, cah dem say We cyant get along so wha di people say? Is why we quarrelin' and not living for love? Wha di people say? Wha gwan? Tell me something, make me understand You're not a travel bag bwoy, why you carry on? Who told you the don? Yo, where you come from? Your skin the same colour as mine bwoy, you need sun! Maybe your hair is straighter but I wouldn't trade my Dreadlocks for a plate of gold blocks and a LeSabre Cuz see, I'm not a traitor, when referring to my people I'm including the blacks and the whites, both are equal The soil inhabits evil, our continent was accomplished Through slavery and massacres of natives now impoverished Yo man, don't test me, I know the ancestry Two E's in Europe, both meaning 'Evil' for made centuries Retaliation tempts me, could have the nation messy Seeing others through the eyes of the Father's what prevents me Cyant mix dog with cat but any humans can breed The 100 metre dash is the only race we need! Yo! [CHORUS] W'happen to you bredren? How many tie you severin'? Befriending those depending if them watch rabbi or reverend Ain't no use in defending religion to this youth Cuz superiority of beliefs is a mistruth Who tell you say to whom and where you pray is what prepare your way To heaven's gate or wherever you going once your shell decay If day to day you cyant stay away from a state of hate Claiming those of wayward faiths soon to face a heinous fate Ain't no way to blind God's eye from your interior The road to salvation isn't segregation, hear me nah? Who cares if you go to a mosque, church or synagogue? As long as the way that you're living ain't a sin to God No disrespect but me nah care what you are Too often religion is the reason for riots and war You can call Him what you want but there's just one God you know And I hope when Him call you, that it's safe for you to go! Yo! [CHORUS] Dear Heavenly Father, I don't know why I bother Sometimes to write rhymes feeling I won't get no farther Cuz all the while I'm arguing about finances With my moms and my pops every time they're getting chances How well can one expect to do when family's disrespecting you? Reflected through the disdain for the music I'm connected to "Accept it dude" is what I tell myself, am I wrong? Cuz as long as I remember, me and pops ain't got along I doubt there's even a reason to say it in this song There's a line dividing my family that will never be gone From when I born, I knew I was made to make music But losing money doing it, to them, is not amusing Abusing each other with words I know is no solution Especially when family is a dying institution Lord, I pray for guidance in this world full of hatred Cuz I don't think we'll make it if we don't keep love sacred Yo! [CHORUS]


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