Origin of Love

  • 2001.12.19
  • 6:03


When the earth was still flat And clouds made of fire And mountains stretched up to the sky Sometimes higher Folks roamed the earth like big rolling kegs They had two sets of arms They had two sets of legs They had two faces peering Out of one giant head So they could watch all around them As they talked; while they read And they never knew nothing of love It was before the origin of love The origin of love And there were three sexes then, One that looked like two men Glued up back to back Called the children of the sun And similiar in shape and girth Was the children of the earth They looked like two girls rolled up in one And the children of the moon Were like a fork stuck on a spoon They were part sun, part earth, part daughter, part son The origin of love Now the gods grew quite scared Of our strength and defiance And Thor said "I'm gonna kill them all with my hammer Like I killed the giants" But the Zeus said "No You better let me use my lightning like scissors Like I cut the legs off the whales Dinosaurs into lizards" Then he grabbed up some bolts And he let out a laugh Said "I'll split them right down the middle Gonna cut them right up in half" And the storm clouds gathered above Into great balls of fire. And then fire shot down from the sky in bolts Like shining blades of a knife And it ripped right through the flesh Of the children of the sun and the moon And the earth And some Indian god sewed the wound up Into a hole Pulled it 'round to our bellies To remind us the price we pay And Osiris and the gods of the nile Gathered up a big storm To blow a hurricane To scatter us away in a flood of wind and rain And a sea of tidal waves To wash us all away And if we don't behave They'll cut us down again We'll be hopping around on one foot And looking through one eye Last time I saw you We just split in two You was looking at me I was looking at you You had a way so familiar But I could not recognize 'cause you had blood in your face And I had blood in my eyes But I could swear by your expression That the pain down in your soul Was the same as the one down in mine That's the pain That cuts a straight line down through the heart We call it love We wrapped our arms around each other Trying to shove ourselves back together We were making love Making love It was a cold dark evening such a long time ago When by the mighty hand of Jove It was a sad story how we became Lonely two-legged creatures It's the story The origin of love That's the origin of love.


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Stephen Trask