Flava(Album Version)

Track byShai

  • 1992.12.22
  • 3:52


Cram's got the flavor (set it off, set it off) Groove's got the flavor (go set your flavor off) G's got the flavor (set it off, set it off) D's got the flavor (D set your flavor off) I got flavor I got the type of style that you savor When you hear it Just gimme a jumping track to miggidy make You move your rear enjoy my style of rappin That what's people are seeking Another compo (compo) No. 1 that's where Its peaking so step up close I'm about to Rock with my crew And yo you know that I'm correct Cause I can sing and yo rap too I grab the mic (check) And I get crazy what (respect) So follow me now, follow me now As I continue to wreck Because I'm smoove (oh) smoove I make you move (uh) move And I'm down with the cram, the G And you my man Groove And now I got ya reaching for more and more Of my dope style so adore me! (uh) I got flavor! I am the Cram (of the what) of the jam Out of Miami with a smooth style that slams A fat sounding bass underlying my tone Baby don't waste my time or just leave me the hell alone You see, I'm all about my business And if U can't get with this Take it or leave it time You catching my peace sign 5 feet 6 But I have lots of fun hun Shakin' what I have What's the name of this jam son ? Flavor is the flavor of the flavor I got plenty Paid for my music now that I'm Twenty (four) nope three Flavor as can be Chill, you G Flav trak, come back,the lyrical style impact The one that I want to be in effect is here And I known that I'm all that Far beatsn don't sleep, humility dropping lyrics I won't keep you Waiting for the next beat Run! Come follow me now into my rhyme configuration Flavor the concept, well kept, the SHAI step Don't sleep on the microphone skills, build! Still got nuf pee ! By the way this flows, I reflect on hoes, I propose a toast, chilly Bim! Don't do me none don, flavor flows from the lips Trips, slips, I'm kinda nitty with my gift Meanwhile, I want to exit. Next it's the man Would you like to guess his flow that follow Fi follow fi follow flexes oh! I got the fa la la la la flava! S-H-A-I, my oh my What do you know on the mic, it's a man called Groove Freakin' a new style I know you wanna smile Watch me change and rearrange (to something else) Taht's kinds smooth MPC Go, D so,shoo Give me gear and I'll get nitty Sweat me, sweat me pespiration is my flavor Call me Mr. Rogers tell me won't U be my neighbor Move next door, you do the film I'll do the score 7-11 is my favorite store Docs on my feet, damn this is a fat beat Gasoline Alley gave me a deal so I could make sweet Melodies and lyrics, crazy hyterics Tired of the same old style this ain't generic Nasty, nasty I'll take off my clothes In all the SHAI pictures, flicks, and shows I got the flavor