April Skies

April Skies

作詞:Jim Reid/William Reid

Hey honey what you trying to say As I stand here Don't you walk away And the world comes tumbling down Hand in hand in a violent life Making love on the edge of a knife And the world comes tumbling down And it's hard For me to say And it's hard For me to stay I'm going down To be by myself I'm going back For the good of my health And there's one thing I couldn't do Sacrifice myself to you Sacrifice Baby baby I just can't see Just what you mean to me I take my aim and I fake my words I'm just your long time curse And if you walk away I can't take it But that's the way that you are And that's the things that you say But now you've gone too far With all the things you say Get back to where you come from I can't help it Under the April skies Under the April sun Sun grows cold Sky gets black And you broke me up And now you won't come back Shaking hand, life is dead And a broken heart And a screaming head Under the April sky

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