Point Blank

  • 1980.10.17
  • 6:07


I hate the whole fucking world so the world better hate me I bust in your house and kill your whole fucking family I get so much pussy I think fucking is boring Took 10 mothafuckas to the grave up north They couldn't handle me enough so what you gonna do with me? Lock me up? Punk, I broke out of two penitentiaries Join the gang, ain't no thang, I love competition Shot my brotha in the head cause my hand was itching Never liked my stepdad cause he was too phony Stuck his arm up his ass cause he tried to swing on me I killed 2 of my teachers cause they called me a dummy Yo, ask me why I don't smile cause I don't think shit funny I don't joke, bitch, nor do I clown You can tell I was from Houston from the bodies I left around Now you can take that shit to the bank And tell all the fucking people that's why they call me Point Blank... (What's your name, nigga? What's your name, nigga?) Point Blank... (Repeat 8 times) When I go off people say they never saw shit And close their ears cause I only kick the raw shit You said you was hard so I started to busting the rough shit Now you wanna cry, you must not be from South Park, bitch A lot of niggas wanna rush Blank on a bum tip But that's a dumb tip See, I only been threaten by one man in my life And I promised never to look in the mirror with a butcher-knife Shock cause my lyrics are browsing Suckers I battled last year still standing with their mouths open Hoping they could come a plea but not from me Cause I'm solid as a bar that's slamming T.D.C. A lot of niggas say they are harder than concrete but still get bin Bitch, I punch holes in cement I can't belive you played yourself Trying to get a rid of me, you know you out-rated yourself You better go to sleep and forget the past Cause I'ma fuck around and wreck your ass Bitch... (What's your name, nigga? What's your name, nigga?) Point Blank... (Repeat 8 times) Point Blank, the hardest mothafucka around A lot of niggas tried to cross my waters but got drowned See, I think compared to me Other artists and new mothafuckas' scared to get with me But I met a couple, their nuts was swollen And they still try to get my shoes out their assholes Never would Blank get rolled on I got suckers on life-support still trying to hold on I tried to give them a break, let them stay awake But now I see I made a mistake Cause the pussy mothafuckas' claiming they bad and shit Now they sleep forever in a casket Never underestimate the mind of a psycho Harder than a mothafucka, people say I might go...crazy But I'm not, I'm slicker than a fox Stomach made of steel, drink piss on the rocks On the level I'm straight, crowds I motivate Penetrate bitches with my trusty old .38 So don't ever try to step to me wrong Cause when my blood rush I cut more people than King Kong Police on my ass cause I terrorize the city Doctors love me for keeping the hospitals busy Social security is a punch of bull I get a check every month for keeping graveyards full So if you ever need a nigga that's insane Look me up, Point Blank's my mothafucking name... (What's your name, nigga? What's your name, nigga?) (Repeat 8 times) Point mothafucking Blank!


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