Pop That feat. Rick Ross,Drake,Lil Wayne

  • 2013.05.21
  • 5:03


Lil Wayne - Miami Shop That I don't have a hook looking for punchlines buy a jug of that bumbu juice just playing I'm in Miami in my mansions four car farrari garage outside the piece elevator apartments just in case you wanna peek but no peephole gone head on with my O shit I'm loading new clips no rusty ketchup bullets you getting tooth picked just playing once again if niggas scared they can bounce like bed springs Lil Wayne in this Bitch in I rep Blood Dingz jet black magazine clip hanging out like my brother beezy Grin. It's young money in we dog deep team if you ain't got papers on yo scream we put myx cokonut and apple bom in your dreams free Meek Mill my daddy just called me his wife got triple beam dreams five end made like mek jeans on thot Queens I see my future leaving I'm leaning no fuck that as a matter of fact I'm green dot 1 laser beam scheming. like Drake hoes blood dingz nah these hoes falling out like Irving Hesitation. End on the court yeah right did I studar. Is dead alive it's tha dedication 5 double suckers. Man FUCK Everybody Kup of Kill I'm Kin to Bobby special possy ia cut open your tomale split swisher with my crack razor I spit like Joe Fraiser kuz I don't wear mouth guards kuz I'm Krazy And if you trying to be me buy a L in ia blaze ya so bitch pussies ain't in def jam buy a voice box and ia sign ya. Blahh Ya. Red Lemonade. Buddy Nahhh I should of said sweetie. Yeahhhh. My metalpoleiswhatimtalkinboutboy Young Money I'm Gone The birdman Jr my rueger a measure ya my ruler will stand you up like Meek mills we walk around with ladders this the N.O. no staircases just Metal. Bitch I'm fresh out the bee hive so what it does suwoo to the gang I soditout like little Wayne stolen verses I want my change y'all lame ass niggas steal everything but my name and yo bitch chest change I get paid for pornos no young money big money N.O. sex change. I cum with hunnits I came with hunnits it's beezy f faby I put my ringer in honeys 100 Young Money®.


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