What's the Reaction? (Remix)

  • 2013.08.07
  • 3:31


[PMD] "Hands got to clappin, the fingers got to snappin" [repeat] [repeats in background under PMD:] "Back and forth, forth and back" [Kwest starts after 19 seconds] Now picture this if you will, a club on a Friday night, mood is chill Everyone in the joint is on point, ain't bout dressin to kill Jeans kicks boots and mega pairs of jean suits Shit is real, nobody tryin to act as if they too cute The DJ's catchin wreck, with the 1200 Tech's Usin skills on the wheels to create a new form of sex Catchin groove after groove, blendin the rough with the smooth Makin mixes so potent you got no choice but to move The ears stink with that good funk, of freshly burned skunk Blunts are passed in abundance, ain't no need to get drunk Niggaz ain't trippin, just out on the dancefloor rippin Divin and dippin as hons run to see how brothers be flippin A little scrap breaks out, but pretty soon that's dead And for once folks are happy hands were thrown instead of lead The line outside is about three blocks long and gone Security makin sure, only the right type get to go in Then all of a sudden, that old BOMB shit comes on Inside and outside, everybody and they moms mind is gone The DJ booth gets rushed, ooh that shit is too bad dad Whose rhymin on this record? He says, "Kwest Tha Madd Lad" The brothers go "Ahh-IGHT!" Cuties scream "Bay-bay!" Asked the DJ for a copy he said "May-bay!" I make my joints for me and you, I want mutual satisfaction So when a Madd Lad piece comes on, what's the reaction? [PMD] "Hands got to clappin, the fingers got to snappin" [repeat] [repeats in background under PMD] "Back and forth, forth and back" Now the sun is fallin, night is callin, but we all in a daze Mind filled with purple haze from the blunt we just blazed Lines about eight deep, eat sleep and dream lyrics If you got no flip in your script, we ain't tryin to hear it The cypher's crazy tight, like an undersexed stunt If you got skills then don't fake funk, step up front Whether East or West coast set it with your best flow Which lets those who wreck know if you're in or should get ghost I play the scene in the background, watchin those who got the knack Count spot, while those who ain't so hot back down A kid with his folks who thinks he got jokes tries to diss me But when I spoke, made smoke and he was history [beat changes, mic echoes] Now ain't no need to beat around the bush punk so I'll be blunt If you had, bigger lips, you'd look just like a cunt I rip flows and flip shows to whip foes, and make 'em tiptoe away But hey, you don't hear me though, so ask your girl after the show Someone lied if he told you in a battle I'd be wack Dionne Warwick and the WHOLE Psychic Network couldn't see that So unk-fay what you eard-hay, that's word to ig-Bird-bay Rap in ig-pay atin-lay still kickin herbals, to the herb gate Niggaz run up, hopin they can, come up and smoke Man I leave 'em done up and broken from Ho-boken to Oakland Some one told YOU wrong when they said I was right for waxin Then backspin, look at the crowd and what's the reaction? [cheering] [PMD] "Hands got to clappin, the fingers got to snappin" [repeat] [repeats in background under PMD] "Back and forth, forth and back" [DJ scratches "ohh yeahh!" to the end]


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