When You Think of Me

Track byEric Benét

  • 2005.06.17
  • 5:43


Hello baby how ya' been it's nice to see your face again strange to see you comin' 'round when you're the one who put me down We were such a happy pair, but then another man was there Forgive me I don't understand, just what you want from me As you can see my life's been good I moved the family out the neighborhood And all my dreams I've realized, to think you said it was a waste of time It's never hard to make new friends, when you're making Benjamins Now did I hear you say again. . . You're still thinking of me? (Chorus:) Do you feel like dying, do you break down crying Do you fall down on your knees Don't want to go on living, does your world start spinning When you think of me All I had was love to bring But you was on some ol' material thing Looks like you're still trying to drive them mad But it's not easy when your credit's bad I didn't know that I could feel so blue It took some time but girl I'm over you Would've gladly gave my life for you You should have thought the whole thing through All those nights with your girlfriends Was just a front for you and him Y'all was s'posed to leave for Honolulu Leaving yo' ass was 'bout the best he could do Dry your tears now baby it's O.K. I'll introduce you to my fiancee Excuse me baby say again. . . You been thinking of me? (Chorus) (Bridge:) Do you think of me in waves that pull you under From my memory is there nowhere you can hide Do you close your eyes, see my face and wonder How could a love so strong be nothing but a lie (Chorus)


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